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2016 Final Four Logo - New NCAA Championship Logo System


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I think this is what the Super Bowl logos need to be like. Not black and silver year after year, minus the 50th SB. But have flair from each host city, different colors year to year.. Wait that sounds really familar.

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If the only requirements as being required are Final Four in a set typeface and the trophy this can be a good step moving forward.

It looks like the logo will stay the same shape each year, just with the individual elements being changed out, which I really like.

But yeah, it's tough to judge based on one year's logo.

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Guys, we can't judge the system based on one logo.

But, I really like the logo unveiled. Hopefully the NCAA can keep this going in the future.

Actually, I wonder what this system is going to be, exactly.

Is this going to be a template where we will see:

- The Trophy in center

- "Final Four" underneath

- [Host City, Year]

- All surrounded by a design.


Will it just be seeing the trophy placed within a design with the "Final Four" and host city and year placed anywhere, just as long as you can see it?

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What? We can't judge a logo by the only year it exists? You're kidding, don't we do that all the time on these boards? Don't we judge hideous uniforms, logo recolors, proposed logos, logos that never make it onto an official anything, score bug logos, logos that get ripped off, logos for teams that never play a game.........

Ok, never mind, back to reality..

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What? We can't judge a logo by the only year it exists?

Um, that's not what anyone was saying. It's the "system" that can't truly be judged based on one logo; we haven't seen how it'll carry over from year to year as of yet.

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To be fair, they already used a logo system for basketball. The "Final Four" text has been rendered in the same font, surrounded by a localized theme, since at least 2007. They've used the same one for the men and women.

What is changing now is the system is expanding across all sports, so the volleyball championship will look the same each year, just in a local theme. Overall, it's a good thing because in most cases, it will replace the bland NCAA sport logo with "Championship" written under it.

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