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Pro teams in need of a rebrand


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So when I hear "rebrand" I think total identity overhaul. Not "the Texans would look better if they put Rangers on the home jerseys."


Arizona Diamondbacks- It just seems so lifeless. The WS era set had, at the very least, character.

Colorado Rockies- They've kept the same general look around since day one, and that is a good thing in theory...it's just so boring.

Milwaukee Brewers- The navy and old gold look drab, the current wordmarks are a mess visually.

San Diego Padres- Brown.

Tampa Bay Rays- Nothing about this works. It's lame and generic.


Atlanta Hawks- I don't know what the Hawks' identity is anymore besides "the least notable red, white, and blue team."

Dallas Mavericks- It's all starting to look dated. Retro isn't the way to go, so maybe something entirely new.

Los Angeles Clippers- Embrace orange and powder blue. The rest will fall into line.

Minnesota Timberwolves- This team's watered a once-great identity down so much they don't even really have one at all.

Toronto Raptors-???? I'm not fond of the new logo, but maybe the uniforms can salvage it.


Atlanta Falcons- One of the first piped and panelled outings, the whole thing is incredibly dated.

Denver Broncos- See above.

Miami Dolphins- Their logo looks like something you'd see a cruise line using. On top of that? They need more orange.

Philadelphia Eagles- The midnight green looks terrible, and I've never liked the number font.

San Diego Charger- Pick any previous uniform set. Any one. It'll be an improvement.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I feel like saying "go back to the old uniforms" wouldn't be enough of a departure from the current stuff to constitute a rebrand, but I'm counting it anyway. The elements may be the same, but the original did it so much better.


Anaheim Ducks- I don't know if they need more orange, or if they just need to bite the bullet and go retro, but the current set is just dull and lifeless.

Carolina Hurricanes- Stop dressing up like the Maple Leafs in Red Wings colours.

Pittsburgh Penguins- Skating Penguin retro please.

San Jose Sharks- Retro set would be an improvement. Really they need to strip everything down, lose the orange fetish, lighten the teal, and lose the phobia of striping.

Tampa Bay Lighting- Stop dressing up like the Red Wings in Maple Leafs colours.

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Cowboys, Titans, Patriots, Panthers, Chargers should go back to powder blue. I honestly love the bucs rebrand except for the font and 'bucs' on the sleeve.

There can't be that many teams wearing it. I say panthers get a blue jersey but with current color, Pats navy resemble American flag more (their unis need the upgrade) Titans need something done for sure, Cowboys can't change anything without a riot, and I agree on the Chargers.

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I've discussed the Padres a bunch. I think they need to be Brown (and orange!)

a few others:


  • Brewers: Drab colors, bad cap logo, overdone wordmark/numbers (drop shadow), stupid number font, fanbase wearing a different look. I don't love BiG but given what I've seen of fans at their games, it's probably their only alternative.
  • Rangers: Overdone font is way too busy. I have hated their cap from day 1. I suppose they could clean themselves up without a "rebrand" but I would rather they move toward their original look.


  • Mavs: Very popular look that I've hated since day 1. I kinda think of it as the poster child for the trend away from vibrant colors. It's a "soulless" as a team uniform can be.
  • T-Wolves: They are not quite "Mavs" bland, but the Mavs seem to be a team they keep following. Green and blue and ultimately dropping the green in favor of black and silver. I'd like to see them go with blue/green and maybe a trace of silver. Recolor the alt log and make it the primary (working in "Minnesota Timberwovles, of course...ugh).
  • Hawks: The Hawks are kinda the Padres of the NBA...they've sort of let their look devolve from "unique and distinguishable" step-by-step toward "blending in." I love the brown Padres and I love the Red/Yellow (no black) Hawks.


  • Eagles: Is this a "rebrand"? Kelly and silver...no black. 1980s helmet. Jersey with those colors and some sort of not-too-out-there striping for today's template.
  • Ravens: Black and purple just don't work, IMO. Not enough contrast. The gold helps some but I almost consider them the Mavs of the NFL. And then there's the helmet logo reverse side (though they can fix it by just dumping the "B"). I wish they'd not been so successful over their short history; maybe something would have happened...but maybe not...I don't see "Ravens" as a name that would lead the team to picking vibrant colors.


  • Ducks: Uninspired. The asymmetry. The wordmark. More orange would be nice, but a unique green and orange would be beautiful. Some of the concepts we've seen around here would be top-10 looks in the league
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So when I hear "rebrand" I think total identity overhaul. Not "the Texans would look better if they put Rangers on the home jerseys."

The Texans would look stupid if they put Rangers on the home jerseys.

D'oh. That's what I get for message boarding past midnight.

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