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New York Jets Logo


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Just starting to work on a Jets concept. I thought I'd have an have a go at creating my own logo. I wanted to update the previous Jets logo from the 80s/90s. I've used the current Jets wordmark and then modernised the jet using the outline of a F-22 Raptor. The colour scheme has a more military feel linked to the flight suits that Fighter Pilots wear. This is my first attempt at creating a logo practically from scratch. I can see flaws in the design but hopefully you guys can give me some pointers so I can round the logo off before continuing with the uniform.


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I think its a good start but their are 2 major flaws -

1 - the jet doesnt appea to be coming out of the J as it should-- it looks like its just floating there next to it.. try to give it some movement and elevation, and line it up with the J better.. Right now it almost looks like it just landing on the ETS.

2 - theres a mismatch of a flat text with a semi 3D jet .. so i thank the Text might a need some (slight!!!) bevel to match it a little.

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