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infrared41's Best and Worst of the Week - NFL Week 16


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Welcome to the holiday edition of the best and worst of the week. It's the holiday edition because the holidays are why it's a day late this week. We didn't have a lot of great match ups this week, but what we had were pretty choice. Four match ups this week were all worthy of the #1 spot on the best list. On the worst side of things, we had a couple disasters that were spectacular in their ugliness. Let's put the presents under the tree, put 60 seconds on the clock, and play our game.

As always, your mileage may vary.


1. Lions - Bears: A weak schedule, improvement through attrition, and a match up against the Bears and the best home uniforms in football give the Lions their first appearance in the #1 slot on the best list. There are things about Detroit's uniforms that I don't like, but this look really works when matched up with the Bears.


2. Bills - Raiders: Put the Bears in a less appealing match up and this game takes the #1 spot. I'd prefer Buffalo in all white, but the blue pants look pretty good too. This was a really good looking game. To quote my GF again "there isn't a thing you could do to make the Raiders uniforms look any better."


3. Chiefs - Steelers: Another game that could have taken the #1 slot. It probably would have been easier to simply declare a three way tie for first and move on, but that would have been a cop out. So I'm docking the Steelers for the italic number font. Again.


4. Giants - Rams: I'm not as big of a fan of these Rams throwbacks as a lot of people are. I like them, but I prefer their current look. The Giants road look is one of my favorites.


5. Philadelphia - Washington: I would have liked this one more if Philly had gone all white but still a solid match up.


5.5 - Colts - Cowboys: The Colts are kind of like the Bears - their uniforms are so good that it takes more than the Cowboys mismatched colors to keep then off the best list.



1. Seahawks - Cardinals: Another quote from my GF - "we have the ketchup bottles against...ummm....whatever it is Seattle is trying to do."


2. Titans - Jaguars: The Titans look isn't great, but it's also not terrible...at least it's not until it's on the same field as these awful Jags uniforms.


That's it for this week. We'll fire it up one more time to close out the season next week. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and thanks for taking the time to drop by.

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5. Colts - Cowboys: The Colts are kind of like the Bears - it takes more than some mismatched colors to keep then off the best list.


You mean the Cowboys?

No. I meant the Colts. I just worded it poorly. It's been edited.

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