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Appalachian State Football Concept


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Since Appalachian State is my top college choice, I wanted to do a concept for their football team. Right now they use this terrible Yosef logo from the 70's on the right after changing from the beautiful Mountain Man logo on the left.


They also have a nice block A logo, which I don't mind.


So I wanted to use both the Mountain man and A logo in this identity. The pants stripes are based off the throwbacks they wore in 2012. Overall, it's nothing too crazy, but that's fine by me IMO because I think they need to stay with a more classic looking design. The Mountain man faces the same way all the time, because he just looks weird facing forward on the left sleeve.



And finally there is Ghost Yosef, or "Ghostef" alt. While browsing for logos, I stumbled upon the one below. I thought it'd be cool to do a special alt for games around Halloween, so that's what I'm going for here.



Hope y'all like it!

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nice simple concept, i like it, though I would make the facemask black for all the uniforms.

Are you looking to play baseball at App. State or just going as a student?

I decided to use a different facemask, because I thought of it like this...They would only wear the gold pants twice a year, and the ghost unis once. That way, they only change the facemask 3 times.

And either or. I'm going to try and play baseball there, even if I don't, it's still my top choice and I would try and walk on.

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The biggest issue I have with the concept is the Mountain Man on both the helmet and sleeves. To me it seems redundant having two of the same logos so close together. You mention wanting to use the A logo as well, and while you do use it, I think it would look better on the sleeves (or the helmet).

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I love what we wear now, but I would definitely not be opposed to this. If you go to App, get used to seeing old Yosef - he's on everything.

Hope all works out well with App. (Once you get in, feel free to ask me about any cool spots around Boone. I still have season tickets and get up that way quite a bit.)

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While I hated the throwback Yosef at first, I have since grown to love it. I think you will too, especially after seeing all of the gear around Boone with it.

App is definitely going for a vintage-throwback look nowadays, which is rare when you look at most college athletic departments. If you hate the new Yosef, then you're in for a rude awakening up in the High Country. Like I said before, though, it will likely grow on you.

As for your concepts, they are basic and to the point, which I like. Try throwing the throwback Yosef on there and let's see how it looks. Great job.

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