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Possible College Football Playoff Match Ups


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I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what the first playoff national championship game could look like. With most of the uniforms already unveiled this was fairly easy to set up. Oregon's away uniform is just a guess based off of the leaked retail version we saw at the time of the unveil.

Alabama VS. Oregon Alabama VS. Florida State


Oregon VS. Ohio State Florida State VS. Ohio State


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I'll explain my thinking for the Oregon helmet. The secondary helmet option for the green uniform was the yellow winged helmet based on the below image from Nike. This makes me think that the change in helmet design was dictated more by the fact that they didn't already have a set of bright green helmets and could try out a new design. They do however already have a set of matte black helmets with silver wings that would seemingly be the go to option with the jersey that was leaked. I could also see them opting for the white helmets with silver wings.

The decal placement was based off of the Oregon and Ohio State helmets that we've already seen, although I wouldn't be surprised to see Alabama offset it.


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Those white Oregon unis make no sense, hate how they disregard their awesome color scheme so much! I'll be rooting for OhST, just so we won't have to see those :)

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We know Oregon's white uniforms will look like the green ones, so why change the helmet so much?

Plus I wouldn't be surprised if teams offset the CFB Playoff decal like they did the BCS decal in years past.


They will be in the middle.

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