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NCSL Fictional Soccer League


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Hey everybody-

I've been hanging around the boards for quite some time and have been debating starting a new thread or not, and I've decided to.

My idea is for a fictional soccer league called the Northern Continental Soccer League (NCSL). Originally, it was going to be called the United States Professional League, but there is one team from Canada so the name was changed. There are 30 teams in the league, and most are sponsored by a company that is established in their city, while others got a big-name company that is somewhere else. Without further ado, the list of teams and supporters are listed below.

Atlanta FC -Gillette

Boston Stars -Pepsi

Chicago Skyline FC -Coca-Cola

Cincinnati FC -Omnicare

Columbus Soundwave -Bose

Dallas Heat FC -AT&T

Denver Mounts -Frontier Airlines

Detroit Motor FC -General Motors

Houston SC -MasterCard

Indianapolis Warriors -IBM

Los Angeles Current SC -Bank of America

Memphis FC -FedEx

Miami Sun -Ryder

New Mexico Wranglers -Southwest Airlines

New Orleans FC -Century Link

New York Rebels -Citi

Oakland Grays -Apple

Orlando Flow FC -Oracle

Philadelphia FC -Hershey's

Phoenix Blazers -Scottrade

Reno Rippers -Microsoft

Salt Lake City Glide -MetLife

San Diego Sharks -Vizio

San Francisco Bayriders -Wells Fargo

Seattle Rain FC -Boeing

St. Paul FC -Best Buy

Toronto Reds -Chevrolet

Washington Rails -Amtrak

I'm first going to release logos of the teams and league, then I'm going to release the uniforms.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy!

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So due to some input from mamiller99 and jaash 23, I've decided to change some team names and add 2 more. Atlanta FC will be changed to Peach City FC sponsored by coca-cola and Columbus to Columbus FC sponsored by Nationwide. Chicago will be sponsored by Bose now. Logos should be along soon. Hopefully. Two new teams are Milwaukee FC sponsored by miller, as jaash23 suggested, and also St. Louis FC, sponsored by Bass Pro Shops.

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Can't wait till you post the logos and such, although I'm not liking the sound of Toronto Reds, for a person born there it just sounds very generic and hard to make something out of, I'll try to think of a good name fro them and tell you, and make their sponsor Rogers Communications, that would be a great sponsor for them.

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