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What if- Mississippi State switched back to Nike


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Many know the story of the slanted “MSU” logo that Nike owns, not allowing Mississippi State to use it to this day. A new logo set was created in 2009 and is in use currently. Mississippi State is in a contract with Adidas until 2020, so this is strictly conceptual, but I put this together today to show what Nike might do if it got Mississippi State back.

The design is based on the DWS 100 unis from this year, which themselves are based on MSU’s Nike unis of the late 1990s. Black is removed from the uniforms, something I hope happens with the current uniforms. Gray is added in place of it, and as a result, the sleeve stripes mirror Kansas State’s. A similar striping pattern adorns the pants and white helmet.

The slanted “MSU” logo is added back to the helmets; three different designs are used. The first is a maroon helmet with a regular, shiny finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the maroon jerseys. The second is a maroon helmet with a matte finish and a white facemask. It would be worn only with the white jerseys. The final helmet would be white, with a maroon facemask and maroon double stripe. It would be worn only with the white pants, but with both jerseys.

Also posted on http://msuunitracker.blogspot.com/







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I really like this. That sleeve stripe is exactly the one I had on my concept before I decided to go no stripes at all. Great concept, even though I am in favor of the current helmet logo, but I know that is the Nike Logo and the purpose of this concept.

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Nice job. My only gripe is the addition of gray. I feel gray is more of Texas A&M than Mississippi State. I think the gold would be a better accent color, especially when being used so sparingly.

I guess the only other thing is the helmet logo. I just think the M STATE is such a nice fit for a football helmet. But I understand the MSU is the whole point of this concept.

Last one... What font for the numbers?

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Jersey M54 is the number font- http://www.dafont.com/jersey-m54.font

Gray is currently used as an accent color (helmet logo and number outline), so I really just transferred it from there. I'll try to get out a Nike version of some Egg Bowl unis tomorrow that use gold, but I'm not in favor of adding it as a permanent secondary color.

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