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Western Michigan Redesign Concept


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Western Michigan Football has been dubbed the Oregon of the MAC because of their multiple uniform combinations they have pulled out this past season, I decided to create my own rendition of what I would love to see them wearing on the field. If you aren't aware, ever since PJ Fleck the youngest FBS football coach in the country arrived at WMU, things began to change. Fleck decided to creative a "new" logo for the broncos, that I think looks heck of a lot better! He also decided to utilize the colors schemes a lot better. The Broncos have had some hideous uniforms up until 2013. What do you guys think of these? Wasn't to sure what to do with the socks. What other Color Schemes would you add? Their main colors are Black, Gold, White, and Brown. I think a grayish uniform would look pretty sick too! Any ideas or critics? This is my first attempt at creating concept uniforms but I'm fairly familiar with photoshop.

Ps. I don't want to go all crazy like Oregon with colors, Although I think they make some sweet uniforms, I also like tradition!


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I like it. Maybe add a gold pants option for the home.

IMO, their best helmet would be brown with a gold logo (not sure if they've done this yet, I know they did white on brown, and gold on black) and I think it would fit well with the set you came up with.

Welcome to the boards! :welcome: I like what you have so, far but as stated above I think you should try adding some gold pants into the mix.

You got rid of our all whites! +1 for you!

My first-ever post here. I LOVE IT! I'm a WMU grad. Team is looking up, but the unis have taken a step back imho. Love your concepts.

I'd definitely change the helmets from white to brown and keep the logo gold. And on the gold uniforms I'd make the sleeve stripes brown.

Thanks for all the feedback and cheers guys! Here are the rest that I came up with, there are a ton of different variations you could do with these but I decided to do just three for home, away and alternate kits. I also created a veterans day kit both and a cancer awareness! Let me know what you think! Im planning on doing a brown kit in the near future too!







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You put the Away Kits twice. Maybe there is a difference between the two, but I don't see any. The home Veteran's Day is nice, but the red numbers would seem to be hard to read.

Contrasting collars and cuffs, the first set has no black, essentially just white and gold jerseys. How can you not see that?

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