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Brooklyn Nets Heritage.


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Alright, so when the nets announced a few years ago that they were moving to Brooklyn, I was expecting a lot more for their identity. This was the first time professional sports would take over in Brooklyn since the Dodgers left.

I figured, since Brooklyn is proud of their history, their identity would have resembled their only other professional team from the past, the Dodgers. I like the shield, and I like their identity already, but I figured I could combine it with the history of Brooklyn sports and create an identity that might be a little more fun to look at on the court, and a little more linked to Brooklyn.



Alt. Logo:


Home Uni:


Road Uni:




(Note: The side pattern is supposed to represent the bottom of a basketball net, and also it is taken from this dodgers logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/6152/Brooklyn_Dodgers/1911/Primary_Logo )

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My only problem with this concept is that the "Nets" script is so thin compared to the "Brooklyn" script. I suggest you thicken up the home wordmark a bit.

Otherwise, this is a pretty good concept and I second seeing this in current Nets colors!

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I like the color scheme as well as the script, but I agree with TheGiantsFan that it needs to be thickened up. Also, I try to make a new "B." I understand that what you used is the old Brooklyn Dodgers logo, but in this day and age it brings to mind the iconic Boston Red Sox "B." Great start!

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I am super happy about all the love I am getting on this concept. I threw together a few new things.

First, here's what the nets script looks like thickened:


Here is how it would look if I added black into the color scheme:




And here is the whole identity with just the current black and white color scheme:



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Yes to either the blue/black or the white/black sets. Your first try looks more like the Brooklyn Dogders-as-basketball, especially the grey unis. As one of the few people on the boards who likes the current Nets branding, I'd say your updates are a step up. Kudos.

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