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Oregon Ducks Hand-drawn National Championship Uniform


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Since there has been so much debate about (and a lot of dislike for) the Oregon Ducks greyscale uniforms they unveiled for the national championship game, I thought I'd take a shot at designing what is, in my opinion, a better uniform for them to wear. Now if I could choose, I would like to see Oregon bring back the monochrome green they wore in the Rose Bowl, but Nike wants to show off both the home and away playoff uniforms they designed for the Ducks. This concept is my attempt to harmonize the two viewpoints, including the white uniform, grey, chrome, and modern look that Nike wants, while also including the school colors of green and yellow that a lot of people would like to see Oregon wearing for this game. C&C appreciated, but it may take me a little while if I update, because I will have to redraw each time.


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The template itself is not hand drawn, I do normally draw it, but I didn't have time for this one because I wanted to get this out before the national championship.

Glad you like the helmet, that was my original idea that led to this concept. Anything in particular about the shoulder wings you dislike?

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