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Army Kraken Design


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So part of my day job is running a graphic / media / public affairs shop for the Eighth US Army Band in Korea, and since we're one of the only graphic shops in the Army that comes up with any real non-clipart logos, I get requests from all over the Army. I recently had an interesting one. The officer in charge of the unit wanted a "kraken sportsy roundel logo like you'd see in soccer or hockey". He also provided requirements that the kraken should have 12 legs (for each of the sections of the unit, the head for the 13th hq section), and the sections would be listed in the logo somehow. He required a whitish / red / black color scheme since those are the colors of the parent organization. This is what I came up with. I'm interested in feedback since we're still at the rough draft stage.


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It looks really good, but I have one complaint: It looks like every section has a tentacle pointing at it except G7. Is that intentional?

Perhaps it was a Freudian thing. I did the kraken first and then did the roundel.

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