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2015 NHL All-Star Game jerseys were officially unveiled.


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The newly unvieled 2015 NHL ASG jerseys.


I didn't know the NHL was into BMX outfits. :P Jokes aside, as long as this type of look only exists for special events like this, it's bearable but I honestly wouldn't even buy one of these for $20. These are nothing great but, for the All-Star Game, these are okay and they are something new, plus, it appears that these are using a new Reebok Jersey Template but I could be wrong on that. The idea of a chrome NHL crest is a neat idea for a change but I'm going to be honest, the one thing that annoys me the most is that they went with a white jersey. I couldn't think of a better opportunity to attempt a black vs. neon game. I've never seen it, the NHL has never had it and if they did that, these would be much more memorable jerseys. If you're going to go crazy for the All-Star Game, instead of this boring matchup, why not just go all out crazy.

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I swear I've seen something similar before in the Concepts but I'm not sure who's thread?

Yeah that was my concept a while back. Here it is for reference... on another note, I actually don't mind the jerseys. They are different and something that hasn't really been done. My two cents


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