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Vanderbilt Rebrand


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With seemingly everyone doing concepts for Tennessee with Nike, I decided to buck the trend and rebrand the other SEC team in Tennessee- Vanderbilt. This builds on the Vanderbilt Baseball Concept I did in this thread, using the V logo from these throwback baseball uniforms. The main logo for football is based on the “Anchor Down” battle cry- the anchor has the “V” logo on it and has a star on top, keeping the star imagery currently associated with Vanderbilt.


There are three helmets, three jerseys, and three pants in the uniform set. The helmets, pants, and shoulder logo keep a consistent color pattern on each base color.







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Putting ANCHOR DOWN there violates ncaa rules. As a die hard vandy fan, I would say it is alright but I personally am not too fond of it. Change the gold to the lighter shade they have been using.

I remember the debocale last season... "Anchor Down" is just a placeholder. The player's last name would be on the jersey.

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I like the uniforms. The only problem for me is the anchor logo.

While I like the idea, it just seems that the V is overwhelmed by the anchor.

If you made the V more prominent within the anchor, this would, to me, be one of the better uniform sets in college football.

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