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Uni-Tracker: NCAA FBS Bowl Edition


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This is a project I started to work on last year. Unfortunately, the idea came to me after the season had started, and trying to make usable templates after the fact made the project futile. Especially being a Division III NCAA football official, so weekends were spent watching my own games instead of those on TV.

So this year I started early. Using some reference template files found here and other sites, I created my own workable template. Nike, adidas, UnderArmour, and Russell Athletic, plus Riddell Revolution Speed Helmets.

What I have tried to accomplish is to create reference graphics showing what teams wore in each of the bowl games, as close as possible. I used official team colors (unless there were drastic differences between team colors and uniform fabrics).

I had a few limitations: chrome is not easy to reproduce in vector while leaving all graphics and stickers legible. So I made them flat graphics. Seams may not be perfectly aligned, but you should still be able to tell which line the manufacturer had used.

Little things, like helmet bumpers, may not be to scale, but they're more to show the labels themselves.

Fonts are created and sized as close to proportionally as possible (12" numbers aren't just 10" numbers scaled up).

In one case (Foster Farms Bowl), I was unable to find a vector file of the game logo.

Maryland's Pride uniforms was also difficult to recreate in vector, so I used a png inside a mask.

Reference photos aren't always available or downloadable, so in many cases, it took days to find close-ups of specific helmet stickers and patches.

That being said, enjoy. And if something seems incorrect, and you can provide photo evidence, let me know and I will make the correction (if possible).

The images may appear small on screen, but if you click on them, they will open up full size.

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Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual (College Football Playoff)


Allstate Sugar Bowl (College Football Playoff)


January 2

Valero Alamo Bowl


Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl


TicketCity Cactus Bowl


TaxSlayer Bowl


January 3

Birmingham Bowl


January 4

GoDaddy Bowl


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These look great.

Something I've wondered about since I watched the Las Vegas Bowl though is why in the world did Colorado State use that "A" logo on their pants and windbreakers.

They were originally the Aggies. Hence the A.

Then why did they use a rams horn on the helmet?

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