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In an effort to make the french basketball more successful outside of france, french basketball has announced the creation of a new league for the sport. It is hoped the new league will raise the quality of teams in france as well as attract some big name from america and other parts of europe. The league will feature 8 all new franchises from all over the nation. The franchises logos and uniforms will be released over the next few weeks.


The first team announced is Auvergne Volcan (volcanoes) who will be based in the the city of vichy in the auvergne region of france. The name is taken from the extinct volcanoes in the auvergne region, a popular tourist attraction for the area. The colours are a brightened version of the cities coat of arms.

The team is lead by the young French star Fabien Rolando and American veteran Alexander Harris. They will play in the newly built arena vichy ( sketch up photos to come)



(Thanks to TD for templates and Conrad for fonts)

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With Auverngne Volcan all the text should be the same color in the primary logo, also the line consistency with the basketball is a too straight. And the basketball should look more real and less of a flat illustration. It would also look better if the mountain and ball were the same color. with the league logo it would look better if it didn't use 5 colors. In general I would simplify your logos to get a cleaner look. Love the uniforms however.

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Nest up is the Lyon Lions. The name comes from the cities coat of arms. The lion from the arms features on the logo with a basketball. The founding year and city name also feature on the logo. The colour are colours commonly used in sports teams from the city.



Why not Association du Basket-ball Française?

This only occurred to me at the end of the project and its a bit late to change it around.

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Pretty good start, don't usually follow many Basketball threads but I'm all for European expansion of any sport.

Also, I believe FBA is alright to name it however I do know that at least in Quebec French Basketball is Ballon-panier and for France, I see both Ballon-Panier and Basket-Ball.

Possibly ABF with no true meaning to the abbreviation (some companies do that such as IBM) even though the meaning is fairly straight forward. It also allows both names to be used... Just a thought, not a big deal, not going to take away from the designs. :)

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In French, "Lyon" and "Lions" are pronounced the same, so it would sound kind of silly as a team name.

I know I keep getting on the French, so I should address the rest of the concepts. They're solid so far. They're pretty simple, but they sort of look European that way. Though they would look even more European with corporate sponsors. Fortunately, your clean designs allow you to add in the sponsors without looking too cluttered.

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Nantes Marins (sailors) the name of the team comes from nantes famous port and the ship on the towns crest. The colours are from the towns colours.

The team features a sleeved alternate that mimics the what sailors in france wear.




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I like them all, except I have a problem with the Marins alt. jersey, I honestly love its concept and it is a nice move, but the stripes and red numbers on top clash, causing it to be hard on the eyes.

My idea is to do the same with the front and back numbers, like what you did with the name, give it a blank space instead of putting the stripes under, hopefully we'll an update.

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Paris Lumiere (Lights). Paris is know as the city of light in france hence why they are called Lumiere. The colours are parisian blue and orange to play on the name. The eiffel tower is featured on the badge and also appears on the front of the jersey.



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