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College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season


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I'm pretty sure it's where the old press box was, not opposite. Right now they've got what basically look like trailers temporarily set up on the away sideline. They showed it a few weeks ago in a game.

Yes - this. The new press box is just replacing the old one (both of which are on the correct side). In the interim, the cameras are on the other side of the field.

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Arizona State looked like they have looked all season, cheap. It's amazing how they try to use Nike's aesthetic and end up looking like something you'd find at Costco.

And it was borderline insulting they had their dumb PT42 event when Oregon came to town. Schedule that crap against Colorado!

I have no idea what you mean by this. Oregon has to always have the more obnoxious uniforms on any given field?

He means they should've scheduled the game vs some crappy team they could've beat up on, kinda like homecoming.

Problem is, Oregon kinda IS that crappy team you should beat up on this year. They just didn't beat them :(

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Aggies look like ____! How different shades of grey/silver can you put on a uniform. Then maroon NOB?! Please someone buy out adidas and close the doors for good!

I'LL DO IT!!!-Says The Oregon Ducks Biggest Fan Phil Knight.

Ghost Rider helmets

Boise State is wearing halloween edition helmets.


I love this helmet. What do you guys think?

Oh Yeah I never thought of that.

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Anyway, if Boise State wore blue helmets today I actually think that would've been a pretty good looking matchup with a pretty non-offensive to the eyes UNLV set. Unfortunately, it's halloween, or for many college football teams "Super Scary Blackout Day"

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The helmet has a black UH logo and facemask. Awful uniform, no reason to do this when you're going to be on national TV.

Unfortunately, I think that's exactly what their line of thinking was; "we'll be on national television! LETS LOOK HARDCORE!"

We're at an unfortunate age now where teams are more concerned with looking thier "kewlest" rather than thier best on the big stage.

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