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Fantasy Mendoza League (FML) logos - UPDATE 7/12: Home Run Derby Graphic (pg. 2)


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Hi folks,

I'm back with yet more concepts for my fantasy baseball league, Fantasy Mendoza League or simply FML. Yes, the acronym is intentional.

Now with the 2015 season coming up on us soon, I've taken to refine our league logos just a little bit and add two brand new LEAGUE logos (similar to National and an American) for the Frontier and Pioneer League.

The Pioneer League has two divisions of 5 teams each for a total 10 teams, and the same goes for Frontier. All of the leagues and divisions are color-coded:

Pioneer League - Lime Green

- Atlantic Division - Purple

- Great Lakes - Teal

Frontier League - Tan

- Pacific Division - Blue

- Gulf Division - Red

The league's primary colors are dark green, tan and lime green (like MLB is red, white and blue).

Pioneer has teams mostly the NYC and Boston area in the Atlantic Division, while there are 5 teams along the shores of the Great Lakes. Over in Frontier, the teams are quite spread out. In the Gulf Division, there's 5 teams in the southeastern United States including one in St. Louis and Dayton, Ohio. Don't ask about Dayton. They're simply just the odd team out, that's all. And in the Pacific, there are three teams on the Pacific coast, plus two teams in the great plains as well (they're simply the most western teams).

I'm perfectly happy with what I did with the Frontier League logo with the mountains because the league is mostly "western-y" and it combines both of its divisions' colors in the league logo. And I'm happy with all of the other logos in this set you'll see below. These logos have been around for us for quite a while already.

However, I'm not too sure about Pioneer's logo. I'm just not happy with it. I want to keep it kinda similar to what I did for Frontier to keep the logos consistent and uniform, but still have some distinctiveness to it. I just can't seem to figure out something that could symbolize the northeastern/great lakes area of the United States. Like the mountains are perfect for the Frontier League with the Rockies and parts of the Appalachian Mountains.

After looking at the logo set, I MAY be okay with changing the "color codes" for Great Lakes, Atlantic and Pioneer, but only if necessary. I'd rather to keep the division colors somewhat subdued instead of vibrant.

I was hoping I could perhaps get some C&C from you amazing folks! Over the last 2-3 years I've been constantly working on this league, improving it every time I come up with a new team or logo or uniforms. It's a non-stop project for me :-)



EDIT: And from on now, I'm going to try to keep all of my future work with this league inside this thread so I can avoid from cluttering up the boards with multiple threads about this league. I think I've already made 3 or 4!

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I'm afraid I only think one thing when I see the abbreviation FML. :-\

That's the point ;-)

My team lost in the championship game last year and my reaction after the game was all like... FML!

I'm afraid I only think one thing when I see the abbreviation FML. :-\

He said it was intentional, so by all means I love this series already.

MrWonka, if you want to see some information on the league from the 2014 season, I posted a thread with the yearbook that I created.

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Hello folks,

It seems like the league logos are just fine the way they are already, so I'm pretty much set on them for now. But of course, that could change in the future!

Every off-season I go through all 20 teams and see if any teams need any tweaks or any rebrands or just a new logo or whatever. So I worked on two teams today, I'll post the ACTUAL branding that they had for the 2014 season. As you can see, the Bismarck Wheat Kings and the Green Bay Bombers primary logos are little to... I don't know... incomplete to be considered a PRIMARY logo?

So I came up with something for the Kings, based on the old, OLD logo of the Brandon Wheat Kings. You'll see why in a minute.

And as for the Green Bay Bombers, I can't come up with something that would make the primary logo less wide. I'd like to try to make it a bit more "square" so it's easier for me to post the logo in various media. I've thought about adding a roundel behind the BOMBERS and the plane, but this league has too many roundel logos so I'd like to try to avoid them. Any ideas for the Bombers? (Yes, the owner is a die hard Packers fan, lol)



I would most likely keep this set the way it is for the 2015 season as the owner is pretty happy with it. Right now we're just concerned with adding an actual primary logo. My POSSIBLE ideas for their new primary logo. Which ones do you like the best, or do you have any other suggestions on which color should go where? I personally like the 1st and the 2nd one.


The inspiration: 1847.gif

And here's the Green Bay Bombers' set from the 2014 season.


Any suggestions on this? How can I make the primary logo less wide? I will add a "GREEN BAY" road mark to this set, unless you think the road jersey is already fine the way it is.

And here's my idea for the Bombers' new primary logo. The oval was borrowed from the actual Packers' logo as a little tie-in to the Bombers. Why are there six bombs in the logo? I don't know why. Just thought it'd look nice there.

Thanks for your C&C!!!

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I really like both identities.

The Wheat Kings logo is really nice, and the name is awesome. I like the top logo of the three options you presented. The hierarchy of the colors just looks right to me.

I really like the new primary you came up with for Green Bay. The oval just seems very "Wisconsin" to me, and I love the bombs on the bottom part of the oval.

My only remark on either set of uniforms is that I'd like to see the numbers on the Wheat Kings' alt moved up next to the logo. That's just a personal preference for baseball jerseys.

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Hello again folks,

I'm back with another update! This time, it's the Strong Island Amazin's. The owner is clearly a Mets fan, so he wants to pay homage to his favorite team using the team's colors and having a somewhat similar logo/uniform set (it's just the logo for now). He've used this logo for the past two seasons, but entering our third year, I wanted to update it a little bit to separate it a little bit from the other roundel logos.

What do you think?



And as for the uniforms, here is the 2014 version:


I most likely will be keeping the uniforms just the same due to the owner's request, but I'm open to some slight updates/tweaks/etc. I would like to try to separate the Amazin's from the Mets but at the same time pay homage to them. Thanks for the C&C!!

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Thought I'd share the alternate jerseys of all 20 FML teams in the league. Please keep in mind that they are alternate jerseys. Some teams will have only one alternate jersey, which you'll see in here. Some teams will have two, three or 12 alternate jerseys. The ones that you are seeing in here will be their primary alternate jersey in which they wear as part of their regular jersey rotation (such as Sunday homes, Friday alternates, or simply the pitcher's picks). In other words, these are their third jerseys.


The teams are grouped by divisions and listed as from left to right, starting with the top row:

California Skippers

Bismarck Wheat Kings

Iowa Oaks (my personal team)

Seattle Thunderbirds

SoCal Doles


Arkansas Travelers

Birmingham Barons

Florida Suns

Dayton Hunters

St. Louis Bats


Buffalo Bisons

Chicago Zephyrs

Green Bay Bombers

Pittsburgh Grays

Rochester Americans


Boston Green Sox

Long Island Yankees

New Jersey Mobsters

Springfield Isotopes

Strong Island Amazin's

The Frontier League is the top row, while the bottom row is the Pioneer League.

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What is this league? Is is a fantasy league with each team owned by a different owner? Or is it just a idea you had?

Anywhooo..-EDIT: I found da ansah!

I love it! I saw your yearbook, and all the individual concepts.

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