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dsaline's Russell X Submissions


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I thought I'd share my concepts for each of the three phases of the Russell X just to get some more formal C&C and share my thought process on each one. I'll start with the first phase and let this one get some comments before moving on. Here's Georgia Tech:



This one took first in the public voting, and I was actually pretty surprised about it. I wasn't able to put together anything for the schools, so that probably explains the lack of support there. I essentially put this together in 20 minutes or so the night of the due date, so I wasn't expecting much. I knew I wanted to include the yellowish-gold color from the Yellowjacket logo, so I went with that. I always liked the honeycomb pattern, but the sublimation probably is a little cliche in hindsight. The piping was my attempt to remove the set of just a sleeve capped, solid pants stripe set. Thanks for all of the votes, I'd like to hear your thoughts on this one!

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MUCH better look than what they currently have. The sublimation isn't overdone, and the simple piping is done really well also. Good job on this!

Wow I like Russell X its simple but without making the uniforms look bad.

Thanks for the support guys! I'd love to see more comments on this, as well as what you ranked this one (or if you did rank it) in your voting. Keep em coming!

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