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Hockey Concepts by OSM61 - CBJ Set added (2/4/15)


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The general consensus about the NHL ASG uniforms that were unveiled recently is that they are pretty horrible. There are plenty of ways both the NHL and Reebok could have avoided the monstrosities that they released, but I guess that is why we have these boards to come up with better solutions. For this concept, I came up with a solid solution (in my humble opinion), and fixed Reebok's mess.

For starters, there are actually two sets of uniforms that I have proposed. One for the skills competition, and one for the actual All Star Game itself. My reasoning for this is that the skills comp is extremely gimmicky, which is a great chance for the NHL to showcase a "gimmicky" uniform. And while the actual ASG isn't much better, it is a long-lasting traditional game (albeit not competitive) that deserves more than a one-off gimmicky jersey that's tacky. When you look at an NHL All Star jersey, you should be able to identify it immediately as an ASG jersey, not a motocross jumpsuit. Since both the league and Reebok seem so fixated on chrome logos/neon piping/colors that stand out, there are some aspects that I kept around here. Have a look....

For the Skills Competition:



And, for the actual All Star Game



C&C is always appreciated!

I think what I am going to do is just post my hockey concepts here in this thread from now on since I don't plan on starting any series or projects any time soon.

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