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Colorado Rapids Away Kit Ideas


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I've been kicking around a few ideas for a Rapids away kit, so I thought I'd share.

Sky Blue/Onyx Stripes
I thought the sky blue away jerseys from a few years back were pretty distinctive, but since KC's rebrand, the Rapids have moved away from them. Perhaps pairing them with their dark gray "onyx" color would be a nice way to implement the sky blue again. Plus, there's an added bonus of harking back to their black/blue striped kits of the the early-to-mid 00s.


Coloradans are pretty damned proud of our mountains, so I thought a subtle topographic pattern overlaid across a white to sky blue fade would be an interesting way to reference them.


I've always been a sucker for their dark gray, and I thought contrasting some metallic silver against it would look especially good under flood lights. Echoing the mountain peak from the crest would be a good way to add some character to it, too.


Caribous Redux
The Rapids had a pretty awesome April Fool's Day gag with the old Caribous of Colorado kits last year, and it was pretty well received by the folks who knew their Denver soccer history. I thought it would be fun to explore a kit that paid homage to the old NASL franchise, minus any actual fringe.


20th Anniversary Kit
As the Rapids prepare for their 20th season, I thought a kit that borrowed from their past identities would be a nice way to celebrate. I've taken green and waves from some of their earlier kits, and paired them with black and royal from their second identity.


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The onyx/silver is sexy too, but it kind of reminds me too much of Toronto FC's change kit from this past season.

For sure... In fairness, I designed these before last year's jerseys came out. (Hence the lack of sponsor on the jerseys.)

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The Topography is far and away the winner for me.

Although you would have the sponsor to consider, I might even have the blue creep up a little more so the pattern is more noticeable. Not that many players do anymore, but if he tucks in the shirt, it could get lost.

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