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NHL Rock the Rink!


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Did anybody on these boards ever play NHL Rock the Rink for Playstation One? I had it back when I was 12 and loved it. I loved that there were a whole bunch of cool non-NHL teams to play with.

For those of you not familiar, NHL Rock the Rink was an arcade-style hockey game made in 2000 by EA. It featured over-the-top hits and fights as well as 8 cartoonish teams complete with themed player names.

I found a ROM for this game and decided to play it again. Let's just say this game didn't age well... I also decided to try to replicate their in-game uniforms as well as come up with uniforms for these teams as if they were a minor league.

First up is the Brigade. They are obviously a military-themed team. The roster on the game was:


88 Tom Tankster

74 Fred Foxhole
3 Teddy Trooper
4 Carl Cadet
77 Sid Soldier
6 Ken Cavalry


00 Pierre Platoon

For their uniforms, I used their double-green color scheme and added sergeant chevrons to the sleeves. I also added an all-camo third...


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Next up are the Cabbies. Their team features most of the typical stereotypes you hear about NYC cab drivers (other than being from Pakistan or India)

The roster in game was:

13 Ted Tailgaiter
36 Cory Crash
4 Red Lightrunner
10 Brian Brakes
5 Reed Speeder
6 Harvey Hittenrun
00 Trent Taximan
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I loved this game!!! I still have it sitting around somewhere! Oh man, now I have to go find my old Playstation cords and play it again!

Only one criticism, I think the Cabbies would look better without the black, besides that, thanks for stirring up all this nostalgic goodness inside me

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Up next are the Demolition. In-game they had yellow hard hat helmets which were cool, but I decided to take my inspiration instead from the Olympics and the Edmonton Oilers...


11 Dan Dynamitilis
64 Ed Splosion
86 Rich Wrecker
3 Sylvain Smasher
4 Bill Dozer
5 Frank Boomer
00 Chris Crumble
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