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Funny local team names


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I live in Montana - there is a small town here called Belfry who's local high school team is the Bats.

So I got to thinking of other funny local city names/teams combinations.

Such as:

The Helena Handbaskets

You guys got any ideas?

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I passed through Bozeman years ago. Howabout...the Bozeman BOZOS!!!!

Well, we do call the entire valley the "Bozone."

How about the Souix City (Iowa) Lawyers...

Yuma (Arizona) Mas (say it fast)

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I went to Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, CA for my high school... the Bellarmine BELLS (our mascot was a frowning bell with legs and arms, clutching its fist... scary?). Also in SJ, Live Oak HS's mascot? The Acorns.
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My mother teaches at Grover Cleveland High School in Queens.  The team had to change it's name a year or two ago because it was "offensive," however, before the change, they were known as the ....

Grover Cleveland Indians!!!

I thought it was clever.

I also used to run track and X-Country against a city school named "Martin Luther Jr. High School."  We always got a kick out of it.  Were we competing against a High school named after Martin Luther King?  Or a Jr. High School named after Protestant Reformer Martin Luther?

I know the answer, but still, it was always funny.


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