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The Molson True North Cup (pond hockey)


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So, the way this will work is I will post a few things for c/c, and then once I've gotten a bit and have a product I like, the goal is that I will be releasing a full 50-page media guide...

Here are some things for Team Ontario...



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Ok, so here's another taste of the depth of this project. I actually looked into what style (no break, single or double break, etc) each of the goaies in each team prefers. Here's Ontario's goalie gear using my new brand of gear...


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Being from Ontario, I would say that Red would make a better primary colour. I like the yellow and green but it instantly made me think of Saskatchewan. Plus our flag is red.

actually our colours are green and gold, it on our flag and coat of arms. If you were going to make every team the colour of their flag then most would be blue or red.


I think the jerseys look great, its exactly what I would expect for Ontario.

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Great news: The Media Guide is done! It was quite a bit of work, but worth it! I'll post a few pages at a time, and then I'll post the entire media guide as a pdf...

If you see anything egregious, please let me know. Thanks!

Up first is the cover and first 7 pages.





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