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NFL Changes 2015


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I Don't know why you guys don't want a black alternate. What else they would use, Gold? Gross!

I'm assuming this is sarcasm. Because once I saw that black jersey I said out loud "That's disgusting."

Gold wouldn't be great but it would make more sense. Or just use a throwback of the red's they had right before these (they did the inverse during that era anyway).

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As of this moment, 12 NFL teams (by my count) currently use alternate jerseys (not including throwbacks).

Of those alternate jerseys, all of them use the same design template of their team's standard jerseys.

Of those alternate jerseys, all of them are recolored using a color from their team's color scheme.

With that in mind and the 49ers going the alternate route, gold and black are the team's two options. And since gold is highly doubtful, it's gotta be the 49ers wearing a black version of their current standard jersey.

** the 49ers keep calling it an alternate uniform, not alternate jersey. Either they arent great with the difference or we are to expect an alternate to their pants options too?

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Black with red and gold accents is actually a color scheme that would look pretty cool if used correctly. It would still be totally unnecessary and out of place for the 49ers, but it could at least look good. Red numbers with no outline on a black jersey is going to look awful. Add on the fact that the 49ers shouldn't be wearing a black jersey and you have one of the worst alternates (maybe the worst) in the NFL.

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