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Texas Stars AHL Concept


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Hey all,

Recently I've started fiddling around with creating logo and jersey concepts in Illustrator and came up with something for the AHL's Texas Stars.

Primary Logo:


Not a fan of the present day Texas logo which is basically the old Stars logo except heavily beveled. I am, however, a fan of the old Dallas shoulder patch logo, so I took that and removed the "D" and the black from the logo and replaced all of it with gold.

Alternate logo:


Removed all the unnecessary beveling that I feel ruins the look of the current brand and added the old Stars colors for continuity.




Currently working on an alternate, but in the meantime, any thoughts or critiques? Fire away

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The Texas Stars have the best jerseys in all of minor hockey. I'm sorry, but this would be a HUGE downgrade. I mean, none of the striping matches in this set. (hem, arms and socks)

I disagree with this strongly. They're by no means the worst, but nowhere near the best. This set here would be a downgrade, mostly because it appears to be tying itself to their parent club's former brand identity but yes, the consistency throughout the uniform is a mess.

If the striping on the arms was used on both the hem and socks, and the smaller stripe was a bit thicker then this set would be better.

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Thanks for the help so far. Made a couple of changes to the home and away and cleaned up the striping, removing the double stripe on the socks and the gold/white or the sleeves of the home and away respectively.



I also disagree that Texas currently has some of the best uniforms in the AHL. I find their inconsistency to be jarring to be honest, plus I'm not a fan of their current home set. But to each their own.

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