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NBA Changes 2015-16 Season


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Did the Sixers get new lighting at their arena? Watching last night, the court looked brighter and the seating bowl looked a lot darker than past years. Very similar to the changes in Miami and Atlanta in recent years.

Didn't notice, but the former ceo commented a lot about wanting to do it but claimed it cost something like 500k to re-do the lights. He used to ask fans a lot on Twitter if they liked the "theater effect". Maybe they actually went through with it. Not sure how that'd work since it's the Flyers' building.

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I was wandering through the NBA section of the mothership when I realized something: Why is it that the NBA requires teams to have a basketball in at least one of their logos, yet you have

The Bulls:


The Spurs:


The Rockets:


...and the Blazers:


... all of which without a basketball in their logo set. Now, to be fair, Houston does look like it has what could be a reference to a basketball hoop, and Portland's logo is a reference to the 5-vs-5 players on the court, but the Bulls and Spurs have not had a logo featuring a basketball (not including the old Bulls midcourt logo w/a ball behind it).

So I guess what I'm asking is... what gives? The Wizards, Bucks, 76ers, Raptors, Hawks, and Clippers all feature a basketball in at least one of their logos.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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