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MLB Uniform Tweaks


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First up is the Chicago White Sox.

Here is the Home and Away Sets. For this design, I tweaked the uniform design from the early 70's and gave it a little bit more of a complete look.

I think the light blue, red, and white is a great combination for the White Sox and feel like they could bring this combination back.

Since the White Sox have used this color combination in the past, its not that big of a identity change.


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These are actually pretty nice. I like the colors and think they actually work really well. Not a fan of the two different fonts though. I think the hats can be fixed too. I like the ideas, but they need some work.

Hopefully you'll get some more good C&C in later comments.

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Chicago White Sox update. Took Clintau24's advice and changed up the hats a little bit to give another dimension to the uniform sets. I am content however in the number font. I feel that even thought the home uniform uses the SOX logo, the logo itself has sharper edges to the logo and it needs a number font that is consistent with it. The away uniform uses the Chicago wordmark which is more of a rounder wordmark, so the number has to be flow smoothly as well. Even though both these uniforms use different number fonts, there is nothing that says that home and away uniform has to use the same number font.


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