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Worst uniform matchups?

Diamond Dweller

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First game that comes to mind is a Tennessee-LSU SEC title game in football years back where Tennessee wore monochrome orange to LSU's traditional yellow-white-yellow in a drab Georgia dome. Just tough on the eyes.

The Rockets played the Suns in Phoenix two years ago and wore their ketchup/mustard alts to the Suns orange. The contrast was minimal.

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I kind of liked those Thrasher third jerseys. They were sort of built like a modern football jersey.

Dare I say they were better than their asymmetrical home jerseys? I mean, they wouldn't have looked good for an older franchise, but for a 1999 expansion team in Atlanta, Georgia I thought they fit.

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I wouldn't say this is a horrible looking matchup ... granted if the Suns were sleeveless.

At least there is some contrast between Royal and Orange.

Yeah I agree. It's not SO bad (with the exception of the sleeves). I don't mind the occasional color vs color matchups as long there's enough contrast between the two colors.

Example: USC vs. UCLA (But i'd say that this pic belongs in the best looking matchup thread somewhere).


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