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Worst uniform matchups?

Diamond Dweller

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the number one reason why the sounders should have a white/bright orange/yellow/basically any bright light color third kit. Sounders/Timbers games in portland are unwatchable. (is that a word, i dont think so but you get the idea)

Merriam-Webster says yes.

adjective un·watch·able \ˌən-ˈwä-chə-bəl, -ˈw-\
Definition of UNWATCHABLE
: not suitable or fit for watching : tending to discourage watching<unwatchable TV shows>
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the 1999 NL one-game playoff between the Mets vs Reds in all of it's BFBS glory

You're kidding, right? That's not even close to the worst uniform matchup. Sure it's a lot of unnecessary black, but neither of those are bad uniforms.

It was for me at the time! It was for me!

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