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The 2015 Formula One season is just over a month away, with the first race in Melbourne on the 15th of March. What better way to count down the days than to follow a concept series of how each team would look in my ideal world? (don't answer that).

Some teams stay largely the same and some are vastly different. I plan to release a team every 3 or 4 days, with the last team just in time for the first race. Each team is provisionally completed but changes will more than likely be made before release.

I am open to suggestions/ideas for how each team should look as well as any bonus concepts you might like to see. Be it completely made up or a throwback to past cars.


Mercedes - Page 1
Red Bull - Page 1
Williams - Page 2
Ferrari - Page 2
McLaren - Update Page 3
Force India - Page 3
Toro Rosso - Page 3
Lotus - Page 3
Sauber - Page 3
Manor - Page 3
Bonus (open ended)
Tim Hortons - Page 2
Jordan - Page 3
Jaguar - Page 3
Caterham (2015 concept)
Haas (2016 concept)
Chevrolet Factory Team (fantasy)
Lamborghini (fantasy)
TBA (suggestions welcome)
I will release the template once the original 10 teams have been completed, however the blank image I used is very easy to find on google.
- I put this here to try and avoid people asking for a template (big concepts section problem). Wait until 15th March if you can't find it yourself.
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Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team

So the 2015 car is not only aerodynamically similar (relatively speaking) to the 2014 car but also is very similar paint scheme wise. I like the silver and teal combination. The silver is a nice throwback to the Silver Arrows of the 1930s - a term coined by the German press for the dominant Mercedes racing cars of the time. The teal comes from the Petronas sponsorship. I think it works well and helps the paint scheme become unique.

Some things I don't like on the real life 2015 car are the black pattern under the mercedes logo and the black on the bottom of the car. I removed both of these on my concept but other than that it really isn't that different. The #KeepFightingMichael symbol has been made more prominent on what is a mainly simple design.


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This is a great concept series idea. I started one last year on CCSLC with different aero package components from the different teams but it didn't get the coverage I was hoping for. I'm glad marble21 is using my F1 car template to good use. Just means someone likes it.

As for the Mercedes livery, very nicely done. I agree with you whole heartily. There is not much changes needed as the silver and teal are a great combination but the silver gradient and removal of the black was spot on!

As for TBA team liveries, ever thought of maybe Jaguar or even Jordan. Bring back the yellow and black? Nice job no matter what marble21 and looking forward to this series. Bring on Albert Park and the Australian GP.

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Thanks for the feedback so far. A much better response than I expected and nice to see some of the Open Wheel Racing Chat thread stalwarts popping up here.

The PSD template I created actually wasn't using the images from VictoriaGooner's thread - but it was something I was aware of and remembered when it came out (great thread btw). I believe the forum I found it on may have edited his template to make what they had. Or both took from the same original source as there are tons of variations of the same image it seems. Anyway, I then edited the nose a bit on the one I found so it was lower at the front. This series will be paint schemes only.

Haas F1 is definitely something I will be doing at the end. A Chevy factory team is a good idea too. Jaguar and Jordan just brings back so much nostalgia for me and there's no way I can't do both of them at some point. Thinking about it, the 3 or 4 days between the 2015 concepts might be broken up by throwing in one of these suggestions here and there. I'll see how it goes.

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Yayyyy an F1 thread again! :) I'm glad you didn't use those new stupid droopy front ends too. Excited for Marussia, seriously, I think I'm the only one who liked that team.

As for the TBA, would you be taking random requests? If so, I'd love to see a brown/dark red/tan/with hot pink accent Tim Hortons sponsored Canadian F1 car haha :P

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Red Bull Racing

Again, not much different from reality. I promise that not all teams are this similar to their actual 2015 cars!

Main changes are the dropping of the pearlescent purple effect which I do not like at all, as well as the return of the Red Bull wordmark to the sidepod. This wordmark replaces the Infiniti logo which remains on the rear wing. I find the sponsorship of a car brand a little strange as it overshadows the engine partnership with Renault, which I wanted to make more prominent.

Overall, once again I have gone with a simplified look. This will be a recurring theme it seems. I tried to make the yellow stand out as much as possible to help differentiate the team from Toro Rosso easily.


I have started work on some of the bonus teams. I will be breaking up the time between official teams by throwing in a bonus team here and there but I don't think there will be any order or schedule to this.

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