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Designing the NBA All-Star Game


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Another year, another NBA All-Star game. The All-Star game is known for having over-done uniforms, thanks to adidas. I looked to eliminate all traces that adidas made these uniforms, which meant eliminating use of the the three stripes which have been evident on ASG uniforms since 2007. The uniforms are similar to this year's toned down version, except now the ASG Star logo is on the chest. I took off the gimicky full name on back, and the stars on the side of the uniform. White is East, Black is west.
Thanks to tbdaniel15 for the awesome template. Enjoy the festivities this weekend. I'm currently working on a full-scale NBA rebrand, which I'll have completed hopfully be season's end.

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(link to photobucket account since picture links are dead http://s1251.photobucket.com/user/mattberning61/library/?sort=3&page=1

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I've reached the stupid bandwith limit on Photobucket, so images have been re-uploaded via imgur. And PepMan, I didn't really make team logos, but they would probably be the ones on the actual uniforms. Nor did I think of using orange. I may try it out.

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Maybe since you're using 5 stars on the shorts and they designed 5 different stars it'd be cool to use those instead of plain stars. And it'd tie into the jersey logo more.

I couldn't find any good images to trace or use, and my attempt to recreate them came up fruitless. I honestly would have rather used those, though.

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