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Team Canada Hockey Added Poll, NEED C&C!


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Hey guys, I got bored last night and started making a Team Canada Hockey concept :flagcanada: . I liked that they used gold on their jerseys so i kept that element and used it as a small stripe. I did a white shoulder yoke because I hate phantom yokes, black would seem too unbalanced, and gold shouldn't be that big of a color. I also wanted a stripe pattern that isn't overly used (I don't even know if a team uses this pattern). This is probably my cleanest and favorite concept I have made and am really happy with how it turned out (especially the fact that I used paint.net).

Logo: Found on Google Images (Added gold outline and 'CANADA' text)
Number Font: Washington Capitals Winter Classic/Third jersey font (Recolored)
Letter Font: Impact :P
Template: NHL shop template found on HockeyJerseyConcepts.com
Software: paint.net
Creator: Dolphins91

ENJOY! As always C&C welcome!


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Not a huge fan of the "CANADA" on the maple leaf. The font makes it look like a meme.

I wasn't sure how that font would do. I recently got a new computer and haven't had the time to put my fonts on here, so for now this is what I have.

really like the yellow, what i think you should do is add another outline to the yoke, perferibly black.

I'll try that. Should I do black on the outside or inside of the gold?

Looks epic throwback-y. Epic meaning good

Looks epic throwback-y. Epic meaning good

Thank you!

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SOOOOO, I added the extra stripe to the yoke and in the process I decided to make it black just to see what it would be like, and... I actually liked it... So here is this option.


I also made one with the white yoke.


So which one do you prefer?? Tell me in the replies or vote in the poll!

Thank You! C&C always welcome!

Don't use impact. Impact font is very very rarely a good design element for a sports team.

I know that. Did you not read my post? I got a new computer and don't have my fonts on here yet.

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Definitely like the black better. Also i'm not sure if the canada text is really necessary beneath the leaf. I'd also recommend a thicker black outline on the leaf and back numbers, possibly add an outline to the players name.

i disagree, is black in their flag... no. keep it white, i like the black, but not as a major color.

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