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First Day in Illustrator


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Even though the image is sports related I think this is more appropriate here.

It's my last semester in college (finally!!) and I'm taking Marking Tools as my last non major upper level class. We're learning to use the Creative Cloud and today was our first day playing in Illustrator. I know the N is a little off but how did I do for day one?


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you did a lot better than I did on my first day using Illustrator back in 2004!

With the text, try using the kerning key. Next to font on task bar youll see character.

The V/a is on the left in the drop down. for a quick almost ok kern use optical.

Running the M and N together is interesting, but... nice job!

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My thinking behind putting the M & N together was Jermaine's face. Originally it was cutting off the left side of his face so I combined the two strokes to get his whole face. I want to try and work on the left side of the M so Bradley and Zusi's faces aren't cut off. I'll try out the kerning Monday morning, thanks!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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