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International Kits Concept Thread- March 27 Croatia Posted


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I am working on some international kits and am thinking about making this a 2016 Copa America project. So far I have completed the hosts, the USA, as well as Brazil. This project will be drawn out and a little slower since I am only working on it when I am off work but I do intend to have some fun with it. So future teams will see Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Jamaica, Uruguay, etc.

The hosts: USA

The United States feature a pinstripe design that is reminiscent of the 2008-2009, 2012, and 2014 kits. The away kit uses the flag motif in a semi-related chest stripe design. I'm honestly surprised this hasn't been tried yet. As a side note, this tournament could very well be the debut of a new USA crest as there have been rumors we are getting a redesign in a year. Perhaps the new gradient blue is the last of the shooting ball crest?




Brazil uses the classic home kit colors with a very subtle twist. An artistic flash of various shades of yellow give way to a tonal Christ the Redeemer. The away kit sees a literal interpretation of the crest with an oversized CBF shield and stripes across the chest. The World Cup stars are seen amidst the green stripe above the CBF crest. I did a similar concept previously, and this is a more subdued version.



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REALLY like that away Brazil kit. Think it's executed well and it's a really good idea.

Like the US home kit as well. Gives us an opportunity to work the “heritage” of the hoops in while living in the world of FIFA being stupid. I'm not sure that the road kit quite works though and I'm not sure why… perhaps it's the contrast between the stripes in the crest and the stripes running horizontally across the shirt?

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I like both home and away of Brazil. I really like the sublimated Christ the Redeemer on the home kits, very nicely incorporated. That away kit is a thing of beauty, like how you incorporated the yellow and green cross behind the Brazilian FA crest.

As for the US kits, I like what you did for the home kits not a real fan of the away kits. It might have something to do with the center chest red/white hoops. It just seems a little out of place. This should be a good series, more football the better on the board :P

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great improvement from your 2012 work. I can't find anything wrong - although the images themselves are kind of small so its hard to see the sublimations - but I do like how you show the shirts with both shorts. Looking forward to more.

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I think the red and while stripes on the blue US kit are too narrow. Thicker (and fewer) stripes will look better, and will avoid the phenomenon the Danish team suffered some years ago, with many narrow red and white stripes blending visually into pink from a distance.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. I originally posted the larger images but realized you couldn't see the entire picture without having to scroll a few times. Maybe I made them too small. I will reevaluate that later and possibly re-do my presentation style. The kits will be on the same template but I'm thinking of laying out each home kit side by side and then same with the aways...make it look a little more put together and professional instead of a standalone image.

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Cool stuff. Just a few things I wanted to point out (I hope I don't sound critical).

I LOVE the US home kit. It's a great look for the US. Only complaint is that with the centennial crest, the design become a bit redundant with all the red stripes. I'd prefer it with the actual US Soccer logo (with navy and cardinal colors), but that's just me. The pinstripe socks are magnificent.

Having the Christ the Redeemer statue on a national shirt might seem a bit odd to the rest of Brazil seeing as it's more of a Rio symbol than a national symbol. It's like if the US kit had the Statue of Liberty; not a bad thing, just a bit of a stretch. I'd suggest using a canary graphic or motif on the home kit (nickname of the national team).

On the US away kit, there are too many stripes. Putting all 13 stripes means too much of the focus of the design is in the center of the kit rather than on the top/edges. I'd suggest putting less stripes and thicker stripes (I know it wouldn't represent the flag entirely accurately, but this is a jersey) so the "weight" of the design is more spread out on the jersey. Maybe 4 or 5 thicker stripes on each side. A really nice concept though.

I really like your concept for the Brazil away, but personally I can't help but see it more as a t-shirt than a jersey with the lack of a contrasting neck/sleeve cuffs. I know this is what Nike prefers these days, so I guess I'm just a relic from the mid-late 2000s.

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I have completely revisited and changed my presentation style. The prior USA and Brazil concepts have been updated, which are larger if you click them.

Next up: Mexico

Mexico features the classic Tricolor while showcasing a subtle Aztec print, a throwback to this kit. I actually found what appears to be the exact same print used before and this time used it centrally around the crest as a focal point. The away kit is all black, which Mexico has been extremely fond of as of late. Accompanying trim is primarily red and silver (even seen on the recolored crest). Red stripes are across the chest as well as the same Aztec print- this time encased in a horizontal stripe. If you look closely, the adidas stripes form the flag of Mexico, similar to the old France kits.



Let me know your thoughts on the Mexico kit as well as the new presentation style. Again, you can click the images and it will expand the size!

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UPDATE: Now with Argentina

The Argentines get a classic home kit with a sublimated sun taken from the flag. Overall, this design was one I wasn't going to deviate much from. I have to say, I really like when they mix it with the white shorts option. I don't think it takes away from the overall design as the focus is on the striped shirt. However, I do realize it should be the alternate version, so the black shorts remain. As for the away, this one is all about the colors. I have enjoyed when Argentina wears a bright royal color. The stripes remain in a vibrant blue tonal style. The crest has been recolored to eliminate all black and emphasizes the gold crest. Navy for Argentina is just so bland.



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UPDATE: Here is Peru-

Peru uses the familiar sash on both designs, though each see a different application. The home goes with a gradient, while the away is a bit different. A black kit uses takes that same sash and goes all red with black pinstripes. Both socks replicate the different stripe patterns. The cuffs, collars, and shorts striping on the home uses an offset brighter red amidst the normal red, while the away features two thin red bands with one black stripe. The crest has been slightly modified.



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UPDATE: I am forgoing my original plan for this to be a Copa America series and simply making it an international kits thread.

I have also given my template a seriously needed update which makes everything feel more proportionate and less stiff. The garments are completely redrawn and updated Nike template components have been added, such as side vents in addition to the sock calf details.

I have new ideas for Germany, France, as well as another take on the USA.


Germany is mocked up with Nike here and is a pretty classic take with black shorts returning. The crest is seen amid a black shield, similar to their Euro 96 winning shirt, as well as the 2010 model. A flag motif is used on the chest and socks. The away kit returns the traditional green and uses a recolored badge. The flag motif uses tonal green shades.




France goes retro to the 1980s with a pinstripe design. The away design is also a modern take on a throwback look. It harkens to the 2006 shirt which used a gradient stripe on the chest.




This new USA kit might be a favorite of mine. Nothing is revolutionary about it, yet I would love if they adopted these full time. The color schemes for the primary and secondary kits are exclusively navy and white. The throwback crest is a single, solid color. I feel like it is visually bolder this way. The sash is consistent across all three kits.

The home kit uses a navy blue sash instead of the historically accurate red. While I like the red, it would clash with all the other navy detailing. I also think the all navy looks classic. On the other hand, there is precedent for a navy sash.

The away kit is an inverse of the home. In that regard, it's extremely similar to the 2010 kit. The kicker is that it uses a "heathered" texture finish. Instead of white, a very subtle, off-white/light gray is used.

The alternate is my favorite of the three. This kit is all red and solves the issues I had with the 2014 away kit. The color balance emphasizes all three colors with the trim and numbers and uses navy instead of the vibrant royal blue. If you're going to go all red, I would prefer it this way, with consistent doses of navy and white throughout. That's one reason I loved the 2011 third and 2006 DTOM kits.




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A lot of great designs here, especially USA home and France home.

I liked what you did with Germany, both home and away.

However, I think the red and black hoops that they wore in Brazil should be their new permanent away colors. Black and red is a good looking and powerful combination. Thanks to the hoops it's a unique design. And finally, it what they wore in that unforgettable semi. Would love to see your take on the red and black hoops.

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