Tamaria Superthread *More Flags // May 16th* (Benz's Imaginary Country Database)

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Pronounced: meh-SHOY-uh


Discovered: 1794 as York.

Date of Statehood: 1801 as York Region / 1871 as Territory of East York / 1908 as Province of East York / 1930 as Indiscriminate People’s Republic of New Oklahoma / 1946 as State of Mitchoia.

Status: State

Nickname: The Fair State / The Equality State

Provincial Colours: Cherry Blossom Red

Provincial Bird: Rainbow Lorikeet

Provincial Animal: Red Fox

Provincial Flora: Purple Heart (Flower) and Cherry Blossom (Tree)

Tartan of State:


Area: 36,255 km² / 14,000 sq. mi

Population: 2,785,700

Capital City: New Oklahoma (1,873,000) (oh-KLUH-ho-MUH)

Largest Metro Area: New Oklahoma Metropolitan Area (2,020,200)

Other Important Cities: Fort Yukon (530,000)




Governour Premiere: Todd Underwood (M) (1995)

Demonym: Mitchellonian / Equilarian (colloq.) / Fair Stater (colloq.)

GDP per capita: 53,000 (TAD) / 51,780 (CAD) / 41,400 (USD) / 26,820 (GBP)

UCT Standard Time: +06:00 (Eastern Coastal Time)

Brief History:
Mitchoia is the first state/country in the world to legalize Same-Sex Marriage in 1980 with Civil Unions being allowed since 1973 - just ahead of Netherlands. It is a relatively small state as it was separated from East York in 1930 due to difference in opinions. Mitchoia quickly gained a reputation of equality in the Country and thus it's nickname is "The Fair State". The "pink" colour was issued since the beginning and it represents the Cherry Blossom Trees that grow in the region - similar to Japan - but don't call it pink around Mitchellonians, they will tell you its Cherry Blossom Red! The LGBTQ Rainbow Flag was added to the license plate divider in 1995 after a vote was held, 72% were for the addition of the Rainbow Divider to the License Plate. Those who didn't want the Flag included, could have one without it free-of-charge. The state has 43% of individuals who would consider themselves LGBTQ - the largest of any State or Province in the World.

* License Plates can be found here *

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Holy Lord, I lived in Leander, Texas. Could you give a run through of each of the political parties, their positions on issues, which side they are on and what color they are represented by?

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Holy Lord, I lived in Leander, Texas. Could you give a run through of each of the political parties, their positions on issues, which side they are on and what color they are represented by?

The thing with the Politics in Tamaria is that there really isn't any. One reason was to avoid debate here - on this forum/thread - and the other reason is because I don't know that much about politics. I will say this, it is a generally Conservative nation. There are 4 different parties in the forerunning however. Conservative Party of Tamaria (Conservative), Socon Party of Tamaria (Social Conservative), New Democratic Party of Tamaria (Social) and ECON Party of Tamaria (Green Conservative). These parties, for the most part, share similar idealogies - no real drastic disagreements. All it does is allows Tamarians to vote for what PERSON they want to win rather than party. With a majority of the candidates on the same page, there is less chance of disturbances and less chance at radical change/corruption. They have freedoms, most of the country is pretty equal - women have been able to vote/work/etc since this country's birth, so there isn't much feminism/racism/sexism/any other type of "ism" because there wasn't much "wrong" in the country's upbringing. The government isn't corrupt, no one complains about if a cop had the right to shoot someone who had an AK-47 in his hand, everyone is pretty much on the same page whatever the topic may be. The attitude in Tamaria is basically mine; if you don't like it here, no one is forcing you to live here. This compliments the country's motto; Invest in others, invest in yourself - meaning is you are willing to give up something of your own rather is be tax money or anything in general, at some point it will come back to help you. (One issue I notice about Canadians is that we love to bitch when $2 of our tax money goes to something that person doesn't use. Yet in another way they take something for granted....) anyway, hopefully that give you an idea. Anymore questions, I'm willing to answer.

Just a question: What exactly is a tartan?

we (North Americans) call it plaid. Its a woven pattern - used to make kilts and cloths in Scotland. See here.

Here are some American State Tartans.

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As stated in the beginning, this will be a mash up of random things.

This hour's random thing is Highway Signs. Now these signs follow the same rules throughout the country to reduce any issues. In the few bi/trilingual cantons, they will just have "east/est" instead of just one language.

This first one shows a 9 lane highway. Blue is for the Express lanes, they show the Destination Cities that the express follows - for example you can see it reads Laurel instead of Sudbury, this is because the Express follows towards Laurel where the highway splits later on so those who are in the Express (who are usually long distance travellers) know that this is the most efficient route. Green is for normal routes and Collectors. Collectors are exactly that, most interchanges branch off from Collectors lanes. Collectors signs show all Destination Cities on that highway and not more important Destination Cities of greater distance. Exits feature Yellow markings and feature a yellow lane arrow.

This one shows what the typical Tamarian Superhighway looks like. Collectors to the far right, Express in the middle and Superhighway on the far left. Brown designates Superhighway and the spead minimums are posted over each lane to prevent any "oh, I didn't see that"s lol These Superhighway lanes show only major Destination Cities and when the next Basketweave (on/off ramp to Express/Collectors) is. The Collectors has a different look here, this is because the 2 outside lanes exit onto a new highway where the left lane continues along the same route. These are very similar to Ontario's highway signs.

These are signs that are found at the far right shoulder of the highways. All signs are Green unless its a City Limit marker as shown here - city/village/town/municipality etc is shown at the top, the name is capitalized, population is shown underneath and number of interchanges are at the bottom. The Brown sign is what shows at all entrances to the Superhighway.

The sign on the left is what appears as you turn onto the off ramp, I think this design is better than the typical layout that Ontario has. The sign on the right is a typical Destination Distance sign. Pretty straight forward stuff.

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Some more random maps...

Discovery Routes:

Here are the 3 Regions that make up Tamaria
Northern Tamaria:


Southern Tamaria:

Central Tamaria:

And some sub-regions.
Great East:

Eastern Keys:


Desert States:






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I've been starting working on the NASCAR Qantas Series and will give a little sneak peak to the logo and possibly the manufacturers involved in the series.
Race setup is almost the same as Sprint Cup Series except there are 10 Manufacturers and 2 engine classes. The engine classes are V6 and V8, they run the same specs, I just figured it made more sense for the Japanese manufacturers to produce the V6's since the production models already have that. In order for the car to be eligible for the series, it must have sold/made at least 100 production models.
Races are on both ovals and road courses - still haven't set up all the tracks and how many there will be but my guess is 3 races in Australia, 1 in New Zealand and the rest are in Tamaria.


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Wow this is in depth and extremely well done. Glad I found this series.

Also an airline sponsoring a auto racing series? That's something.

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Wow this is in depth and extremely well done. Glad I found this series.

Also an airline sponsoring a auto racing series? That's something.

Thanks, nice getting compliments from Hall of Famers :P

As for Qantas being the main sponsor, I was looking at a few things.

1. What is the most well known Australian company. Well Holden would be my choice but obviously that wasn't happening. Qantas is the oldest airline company and in my opinion is the most recognizable company down under.

2. What company could easily be stretched over to Tamaria. Airlines are perfect for that. Especially with the distant travel to the Australian tracks - Qantas could provide air service.

3. You basically implied that Airlines wouldn't sponsor a racing league and this is fairly correct. So in that sense it shouldn't conflict with other sponsors. Example: having a league sponsored by Coors kind of limits the amount of other beer sponsors on other cars - or having Sprint the league sponsor limits use of other phone service providers.

I will be posting the league in the Concepts section very soon.

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Sweet baby Jesus this is amazing! How did you make the map for the country? And don't get me started on the detail and the highway system... Just beutiful. Cannot wait to see the NASCAR Quantas Series!

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Sweet baby Jesus this is amazing! How did you make the map for the country? And don't get me started on the detail and the highway system... Just beutiful. Cannot wait to see the NASCAR Quantas Series!

Thanks! I actually really don't like designing with vectors (I'm all for vectorizing after an image is completed though, makes it so much easier to enlarge) but I prefer the simple pixel by pixel approach so I can make precise adjustments. I think the image is something like 5000 pixels wide so it may not look as clean and curvy up close but I'm trying to work on a method to clean up the close ups.

I just realized that I missed a few maps - forgot that I was limited to the amount of pictures in a single post se here are some more.



The Roads:


The Valley (The Dip):


The Prairies:


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Well I figured I'm too busy to force myself to make up this whole fancy description for each canton, I shall just post the flags for now with a small explanation.


Officially; State of Advantasea.

I wanted to make an Ohio style flag and used the state colours with a star on the far right to represent the Capital City of Azalea being on the east side of the state. (no, it has nothing to do with the rapper, I picked the name before I knew she existed). The Green represents the grasslands and forests to the west and the Yellow represents the desert and sandy shores.



Officially; State of Aquitania and the Northern Roads.

3 unique colours make up the flag. The Slate Green is representative of the water to the west, the Cherry Red is representing the cherry trees in the Windermere area and throughout central Aquitania, and the Apricot Orange represents the Apricot Trees in the far east end of the state. The southern cross in on the orange bar and a star on the green bar to represent the position of the Capital City of Salerno.


Officially; Province of the Batavian Islands

A 5 striped flag uses different sized stripes of Aqua Blue, Dutch Orange with White separating each stripe. The Orange represents the original Dutch discovery as well as the strong Dutch influence throughout the province, Aqua is used as the water and the white represents the nearly white sandy beaches in the islands.


British Olympia
Officially; Commonwealth of Northern Olympia


The Island of Olympia has had a lot of change throughout its existence; this has led to many flag and frontier changes. The most recent flag change was in 1924. The flag has a strong resemblance to Greece as well as the Macellas Star (nope, its nothing to do with HIM or satanic views - seriously, never heard a song from the band, I just liked the symbol) - it represents peace between the 2 main countries as well as the star facing down to represent moving south. In the early 1900’s, many Macedonians and Greeks - as well as others from the Balkan States - decided to move to Tamaria to avoid the ongoing Macedonian Struggle. An overwhelming 170,000 people immigrated to the Olympia region between 1904-1910 and the region has been attractive to immigrants from the Balkan States ever since. Due to this, the flag that was chosen is the current one with more stars being added to the bottom stripe when more municipalities were founded within the state.



While it’s not a canton itself, the island collectively has a de facto flag. It contains the Vergina Sun (which was pretty cool when I saw one, walking down the street.) The star is in the position that the island is in the country.


Officially; Province of Caithness

A fairly simple design, this flag features an offset slanted stripe to represent the Saltire as well as a Lion Rampant just below it because the province was named after the Caithness region in Scotland. The star at the top left of the flag is Sirius; the brightest star in the night sky. The colours are Auburn, Strawberry Blonde and Champagne Supernova - yes, they were purposely named after my favourite hair colour, don’t judge, or judge, that’s fine too.


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Officially; State of Catleigh


Another semi-saltire flag - again, due to the Scottish influence on the region. Colours are just the state’s colours. The commonwealth stars represent the municipalities in the state.


Officially; Provincial Coalition of Coahuila

English: CO-uh-WEE-luh / Spanish: cwa-’WEE-la

Named after the state in Mexico, this province takes similar colours as well. The colours have different meanings. Plum represents the plum trees and the Teal represents the water. I really love the simplicity of the abstract logos used in Japanese flags so I borrowed the Fukuoka Plum logo since Coahuila also has an abundance of Plums. This is probably one of my favourites.



Officially; State of the Corinthian Empire


Nicknamed the Little Cali after its similarities to California, I figured a Los Angeles style flag was appropriate. It has nice subtropical climate but can occasionally see snow and because the Corinthian Palm Trees are so abundant in the state and is the Statual Tree (yea, Statual is a word in Tamaria) it is featured in the centre of the flag.



Officially; Province of Cyrenaica


The province was named after the eastern region of Libya. The Blue Cyrenia butterfly is also native to the region and thus the crescent moon and butterfly is the Provincial Symbol and is featured in the top left of the flag. The colours represent the following: Navy for the Blue Cyrenia butterfly, Green for the rainforests in the north, Light Blue for the sea, Gold for the gold mining, Red for the cherry trees to the south. (I actually borrowed the colours for my Tabasco License Plate in Mexico but I loved the colours too much to pass on using them again)


East Gwillimbury
Officially; Province of East Gwillimbury


I really don’t like this flag, I’ve gone over 2 different designs so far but none are really sticking out for me but whatever, sometimes boring flags makes everything balance better.




East Indiana
Officially; State of East Indiana

East Indiana is a mix of French and Catalan (Spanish) and because of this, the flag represents the 2 regions. The Occitan Cross is present and 2 Catalan stripes on the top and bottom.


East York
Officially; Province of East York

One of the newest flags in Tamaria, this redesign was praised by a majority of East Yorkers and was voted in as the new flag in 1978. A new flag was talked about ever since the separation with Mitchoia but after the 1943 redesign fell through, a new flag wasn’t expected until a new Governour Premier was voted in and decided to let East Yorkers enter their own designs and the top 20 would then be voted on. The winner is red and white like the previous design but featuring more red instead of white. The 6 stars featured on the old flag are now present on the right side of the new one but only as 5, representing the discovery ships that came from the east to discover Tamaria. The one omitted is featured in the bottom left now with 2 stripes starting from it and facing north. The 6th star is whichever the viewer wants to depict but often times it’s believed to represent Britain as they were the first to reach the land. It also represents the capital as it is in similar placement on a map and is pointing north towards the capital of Tamaria. It can also be interpreted and growth/positivity/evolving, etc.


And this is the old flag from 1901-1978


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Garrison Point

Officially; State of Garrison Point and Virginia


This State shares a lot of similarities with Rhode Island. The de facto name of the state comes from the top point of Garrison Island that is shared with Canada. The mainland part is referred to as Virginia locally, but often times Garrison Point is used to describe the entire state, much like Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations does. The logo on the flag actually came from a billboard I saw in Toronto advertising a new Residential complex. It really popped out at me so I needed to use it for the state - everything else just kind of went together. The flag shape is unusual much like RI does with theirs, but it also features mismatched notches on the edges like Prince Edward Island does. The Anchor represents the Allies Naval Base in Ashburnham and Virginia, the Gear represents the strong industrial economy in the state.



Officially: Haliburton Territory


Simple Tamarian template with Red and Navy. Red represents Britain and Blue represents France. A fleur-de-lis - which is common in the Southwest of Tamaria - is featured in the top left.


Officially: Hilton Territory


Territorial colours and an abstract lower case “h” which is mirrored so no matter how you view the flag, the “h” is always “on it’s feet”. When viewed vertically, is appears as an “H”. Burnt Orange represents the Orangewood Pine trees - the official Tree of the Territory. Black represents scarcity - a common trend in The Valley.



Officially: Provincial Coherence of the Southern Region of Humber (from the State of Noranda and the State of North Kawartha)


In 1940, due to the rise in population both in Noranda and North Kawartha, The Humber region in both states felt left out of most federal decisions and was often overlooked. Most of the humber region inside of Noranda became Humber and the region in North Kawartha became Northumberland. The colours are as follows; Gold for the Gold Mine industry, Raspberry for the Raspberry farming and Black to represent scarcity. The flag depicts the separation of the 2 Humber’s from their respective states - the stars represent the capitals of each respective province. There has been talk of unification of Humber but most residents are fine with the current situation.


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Can't really say much otherwise, but some cool and unique flag designs here! Keep it up! :)

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Officially: State of Tamarian Indiana

Much like East Indiana, this flag includes Occitan Cross on a Blue field and the Southern Cross on a Gold Field. Blue represents the Water and France, Gold represents the Desert and Spain and Catalan.



Officially: Province of Kawartha


Kawartha Blue flag with traditional striping pattern from the region on the top and bottom of the flag. 4 stars to represent the 4 sub-regions in the Province; West Kawartha, Victoria County, Thorn County and Fenelon County. the 2 fleur-de-lis represent the French discovery from the east and the west.



Officially: Province of Kezia


Kezia keeps to it’s namesake; it has been one of the most equal regions for the longest time. The leaders of the region have been women since 1821. Keziah was one of the names mentioned in the Hebrew bible, one of Job’s daughters who received inheritance from him - something that was unusual for women at the time. Kezia has been at the forefront for equality, justice and rights and thus when the current flag was adopted in 1901, Lady Justice was depicted in the centre. The provincial colours are Red, White and Blue.



Officially; Bailiwick of Sterling Antilles

Another fairly new flag in Tamaria, this current one was designed in 1969. It features a chevron and Faded Red and Light Blue to signify the Dutch discovery. More specifically, the Brabant and Antwerp regions in Netherlands and Belgium feature checkerboard designs in their flag and the checkerboard stylized “s” at the top is influenced by it. Also, the shape of the checkers is similar to the shape that the 4 main islands/regions Capital Seats are located. The old flag was similarily designed like the Netherland Antilles in Central America with uneven stars to shape like the islands in the region. Orange represented Netherlands and Red represented Britain.


Old Flag:


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New Catalunya

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