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Well, the season may be over (and a success, imo) but there's more news to share. I may be pretty late on this, but there's going to be another team in the GLPL next season! Introducing Toledo United:


Pretty sure this is just a placeholder. raysox, have you been contacted by them at all to create a real one?

And, since Grand Rapids' supporters group's logo has been posted ITT, I feel it's only fair to post Ann Arbor's, the Main Street Hooligans (as cringeworthy as it is to claim that you're hooligans in a U.S. soccer league):


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That's the actual Toledo logo as far as I know, I was coming here to post it haha. Orange is good but the rest is meh.

Milwaukee Bavarians will be in the league next year, and the Madison 56ers(with a different name though apparently) will also be there.

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