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Recently, concept helmets made by people across the nation have gained lots of attention on social media and sports sites including ESPN. I personally believed the helmets were sloppy and lacked true effort into designing a helmet that would fit the NFL's strict traditions. I made an effort to modernize NFL teams helmets, without ignoring each teams traditions. Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts!


Raiders - Screen_Shot_2015_02_22_at_6_53_07_PM.png

Chargers - Screen_Shot_2015_02_23_at_6_35_19_PM.png

Chiefs -


Broncos -


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I don't really like the color fade on the Jets, probably make a white to green fade, I don't know.

Also the way you put some of the logos on the helmets would make it look stretched out on a different angle (like the Giants one).

I like the Dolphins, Bills and Pats ones.

A good majority are nice but some like the Browns seem mediocre. I want to see how the Browns one looks with checkers as a stripe down the middle.

Overall pretty good, definitely better than that overhyped concept.

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all of the extra background on the helmet has to go. never will the packers have a green helmet. If the bills wore that helmet, i would move to warmer place were i can see their bad uniforms on tv. just not to tampa they already have bad uniforms.

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I like the Falcons and I can get behind the Jags, but that's really it. Some are sightly better than the ones getting all the undeserved attention. Others are on par with the ones getting all the undeserved attention. I think you tried to go too radical with most of these and it didn't work.

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