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One Year Uniforms


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I know that this is kind of a subtle thing, but I think it still works here.

John Wall's rookie year was the first and only year the blue/gold/black Wizards wore v-neck jerseys. The very next year, they overhauled their uniforms to their current red/white/navy look.


I'm not sure necklines and trim changes are the intent of this thread. If we are including granular details, than most of the toilet-bowl collars in the NFL lasted a year.

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KU's basketball team only wore their uniforms that had blue shoulders on the white jersey (whish wasn't worn again after we lost to San Diego State at home; our "chalk" and "phog" unis were unveiled then) and red shoulders on the blue jerseys. I hope the same goes for the ones we have this year, in my opinion they are absolutely awful.


Hey, I just realized that today is my one year anniversary of being a member of this site. YAY!

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Here's one that gets a lot of love in the concepts page


It was only worn in 1946-47

And these were only worn for the inaugural season, 1926-27


The black one got a lot more years of use.

And the Pittsburgh Penguins jersey that everyone forgets


Worn in only 1967-68, thrown in a garbage bag, and found mostly destroyed by mildew in a hallway of the Civic Arena a few years later.

When the Penguins wore their baby blue throwbacks for the first Winter Classic, every publication referred to it as their first jerseys, forgetting these.

I'm surprised to realize that these were only worn for one season as well, 1967-68. They had white shoulders after that.


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