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Los Angeles Crusaders (Madden 15) Football Staduim


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Inspired by Madden 15 i relocated my St. Louis Rams teams to LA. Later to be know that one of our members help contibute with that. I really feel in love with my Madden team playing a total of 4 seasons. The first I flunked so i could get the #1 pick. The second and thrid I lost in the NFC Finals to the Seahawks, and finally the fourth I went undefeated and won the Super Bowl. I love the uniforms but the staduim really got me. Other then this site i usually spend my spare time making football staduims in Minecraft. So I made the staduim i played in.








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HOLY SH :censored: that is awesome. I honestly expected haters to be like "Minecraft isn't graphic design", but people seem to love it! nice work.

thanks so much. poor chicken though. thats what he gets for being in my staduim

I might work on other staduims in the future. This used to be the begining of Lambo then i decided to scrap it and make this.

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Really sick stuff! Just a couple little things that are more opinion than anything; The hallways need some lighting and I probably would have used iron doors with pressure plates instead of wooden doors for most of the stadium (especially exterior).

This would look absolutely amazing with some shader mods as well.

Also, i forget if this works with vanilla MC or only with shaders, but if you put a layer of glowstone under the field would it make the whole field look illuminated at night? I could be way off, I generally only play modded these days.

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