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Hand Drawn NFL Redesign (17/32) Pittsburgh Added; Cincinnati Updated


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A bit of background for those interested. This is a project I've spend the better part of a year working on. I was inspired when I stumbled upon the Jesse Alkire NFL redesign on BleacherReport a while back (http://www.jessealkire.com/nfl/) I am a huge NFL fan and had been doing art my whole life, but redesigning every team's uniforms had never occurred to me until I found that link. I was challenged a few of my friends to try and do this myself and I loved the idea. A quick search quickly led my to the boards here, where I found many concepts I liked way more than the ones I had found on BleacherReport. And so I spent even more time working on my own concepts, working and reworking them until I was happy enough to post them here and see how they hold up. I've been browsing the concept boards here for a while and only just joined, and I hope you guys enjoy my concepts!

These are hand drawn because I enjoy drawing and am much better at it than using computer programs. I ask only that you guys don't pay too much attention to shades of colors, because I used sharpies for the most part and they don't have very much variation between shades. One quick note as well, the template I am using is not hand drawn, I printed it from the boards here (from mattwilcox) with my uniforms drawn onto the printed concepts. I am also trying something I haven't seen very often which is images of players in my uni concepts as they would appear on the field in addition to the uniforms themselves.

I will get started with a preview, showing every team's helmets. I will follow up shortly with my Arizona Cardinals concept. I hope you guys enjoy!



Arizona - Home, Away, Away Alternate, Throwback

Atlanta - Home, Away, Alternate




Chicago - Home, Away, Throwback

Cincinnati - Home, Away, Throwback

Cleveland - Home, Home Alt, Away, Away Alt, Alternate

Dallas - Primary, Secondary, Alternate

Denver - Home, Away, Alternate

Detroit - Home, Away, Away Alt, Throwback

Green Bay - Home, Away, Throwback


Indianapolis - Home, Away


Kansas City

Miami - Home, Away, Away Alternate, Alternate


New England

New Orleans - Home, Home Alt, Home Alt 2, Away, Away Alt, Away Alt 2

New York Giants

New York Jets



Pittsburgh - Home, Away, Throwback

San Diego - Home, Away, Throwback

San Francisco - Home, Away

Seattle - Home, Home Alt, Away, Away Alt, Alternate

St. Louis

Tampa Bay


Washington - Home, Away

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First up is my Arizona Cardinals. Their uniforms have potential but they're not great, and don't stack up to other uniforms in the team's long history. The numbers remain unchanged and the black outlines remain on them and the pants stripe, which is straight now instead of tapered. A black stripe is also added to the socks. The piping on the jerseys is gone, and logos are added to the sleeves, a different one on each sleeve. The state flag is a callback to the away jerseys from the Jake Plummer era, which is one of my favorite uniforms of all time, while the team logo is placed on the other sleeve. The red sleeves on the away jersey are gone and the awful red pants are no longer an option for them. On the black alternate, red cuffs and a white facemask are added to give the team a modern looking third option that is miles better than the current alternate they have right now.


And now for the on field looks.


UPDATE: Red pants added as an option for the white jersey.


And to show you guys the size, the paper with Tyrann Mathieu is 8/1/2"x11" with my hand and the uniform next to it to give you an idea of the size of what I'm doing.


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Wow. I'm not usually into the hand drawn series, but these are already so well done. I love that you take the time to add different views, not just going with the template. Interested to see what else you have planned!

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I like the update to the Cardinals, its a good simple look that fits the Cardinals well. The on-field looks are outstanding, and they really add another dimension to the concept.

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When I first saw these I didn't see the title and had I not seen the title pretty quickly I would have probably taken about 5 minutes tho figure out that these are hand-drawn. This tells you how good your ability to draw with your hands is. Looks good I really like the update to the Cardinals and LOVE how well the in-game figures look.

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