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Cleveland Browns Logo/Uniform Concept


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Incredible. Throw in a pair of brown pants and this would be the 2015 Browns in my perfect world.

I'm not sure about the logo though. I like that the crest shape is the same as the Cleveland flag, but I think it would looks a little too awkward to translate well to other applications and merchandise.

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Throwing my hat in the ring with a Browns concept.

The logo is in the shape of the shield on the Flag of Cleveland and features a C in the team's new font in front of the famous helmet stripes.

The helmets feature a satin finish and slightly larger stripes. The jerseys have orange sleeves with a brown/white/brown striping pattern, reflecting the helmet, and the numbers have a grey stroke. I went with brown/white/orange for the jerseys, and orange and white pants.



Love It! I would be very happy with these bad boys.

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Thanks for all the comments! I'll respond to a few here...

Just spitballing here, because I think this set is damn near perfection, but what if the C itself mirrored the crest from the City flag?

Not sure what you mean by that...do you mean the same font? I used the C from the wordmark released the other week.

With all things considered. I wouldn't be upset if the uniforms looked like this. One question for you? Why no brown pants?

It's been confirmed that they're only going to have two pairs of pants, and brown is the third best option, IMO.

This is good. My biggest complaint is the gray outline on the numbers. It fuzzes the edges of the numbers on all the different shirts. There also isn't any gray/silver on the rest of the uniform elements. Either get rid of the outline or make it orange (brown on the alt).

Apparently there will be a fourth color in the new uniforms (likely grey), but based on the new helmet logo there won't be any grey on the helmet. I wanted to keep the uniform striping consistent, so I didn't include it there, so that just left the numbers. I felt that the grey wouldn't be too distracting, since it's always against white on one side, and I used a grey outline in the logo to pull things together. It's not ideal, but I wanted to include everything we know about the uniforms at this point.

I really like it the only thing I would probably change is have the cuffs orange & the brown white brown moved up a little.

If they went with something like this which I don't think they are I would say great job Nike of understanding your client.

It was a conscious decision to have the striping start at the cuffs--can't really explain why, other than I thought it looked good.

Mind if I ask what template this is?

It's my own...the helmet and pants came from existing templates that I modified, and the jersey was made from scratch based on the template in the official NFL style guide.

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Excellent work here taking a disappointing new logo and making something great from it. I'm not 100% sold on the orange jersey but I don't hate it, which is unusual because I usually don't think orange jerseys work for the Browns. Everything else is fantastic though, especially the orange pants! Are you envisioning that they'd also get paired with the white jerseys?

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The uniforms look exactly like something Nike would do, and I mean that as a compliment - both in terms of realism and the actual design itself. That would be a unnecessary downgradeover what they've been wearing. Nicely done.

Fixed that for you. Not that this is bad, but what they wore before was about as perfect as can be besides that horrible brown pants.

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so no brown pants


Everything else is fantastic though, especially the orange pants! Are you envisioning that they'd also get paired with the white jerseys?

Yes, the white and orange pants could each be worn with both the brown and white jerseys.

This concept looks great but it seems a little strange to me the orange alt is the jersey with the standard striping that influences the primary brown and white unis. Was that a deliberate decision?

Not sure if I follow your question...

You've taken steps to make sure the B-W-B striping is consistent across all jersey colors, which I love. My only question is why didn't you apply the same treatment for the white pants?

Well, there isn't room to add orange outside of the B-W-B striping, and not having any orange on the white pants just wouldn't look right. I agree that it's the odd element out, but it was just unavoidable.

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