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Been awhile since I started a thread... Just wanted to apologize for so many unfinished ones. Really just comes down to much time I have. So this time there will be no direction, just a few concepts to bust out whenever I have the chance.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the IceHL, and if not check out the website: http://www.icethetics.co/the-icehl/

Or the 2013 yearbook:


I've contacted Chris Smith of Icethetics, and I'm just pending for his permission to give this thread the green light...

Here are my short term plans:

Primary Jersey Concepts

St. Louis Archers*

Houston Hellcats*

Alaska Huskies*

Specialty Game Concepts

Battle of Quebec Outdoor Classic

Quebec Armada vs. Montreal Olympiques

Pacific Showdown Outdoor Classic

Seattle Aviators vs. Vancouver LumberJacks

In the mean time, I am opening this thread to get some community suggestions on special one-off jersey concepts I could make (ie. Outdoor Games, etc.).

To stay in-line with the whole theme of IceHL, since many of the designers for the league also participate in the boards, any C&C or suggestions would make this thread pretty fun, in my opinion.


*These are the three teams whose jerseys I actually designed, fourth was the former Vancouver LumberJacks set.

~It is important to note that all IceHL logo's and IceHL team logo's were not designed by me, but rather the Icethetics community.~

~I am not claiming any of the logo's being used as my own~

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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