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The Idea behind this football League is that I wanted to bring back various football teams from different leagues and eras. I wanted to put them all into a football league and give the league a history. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Hope everyone enjoys this concept. I will include season by season wins and losses, including playoff matchups and championship winners. Also included are the teams helmets for all teams that will be used for team bio's. First post will be the original 6 teams that started the league in 1930.

Also I forgot to mention, teams wins and losses are completely random. League schedules were made for each season for all teams and scores for each game were generated at random.

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In 1929 the Association of American Football was formed. In need of teams, the AAF searched around and in 1930, they brought in 6 teams that were apart of the National Football League. The teams were as follows:

-Canton Bulldogs (Maroon & White) Canton, Ohio
-Duluth Eskimos (Midnight Blue & White) Duluth, Minnesota
-Hammond Pros (Purple, Gold & White) Hammond, Indiana
-Racine Tornadoes (Crimson & White) Racine, Wisconsin
-Rock Island Independents (Green & White) Rock Island, Illinois
-Detroit Panthers (Blue, Gold & White) Detroit, Michigan
Since the league was new and unproven, only 6 teams were brought in, and a 10 game regular season was set. All 6 teams would play in 1 division with the top 4 finishers advancing to the playoffs.
Teams with the same regular season record advancing to the playoffs would be seeded based on head to head matchups, or if needed, a tie breaker game would be played.
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The helmets and logos being used along with the League logo being used on helmet and team wallpaper are current era based. I wanted to keep these modern just for detail purposes, if that makes sense. In 1975, World Football League ended. So I decided that since I wanted to expand my league to include teams from other countries and also Canada, I brought the WFL back for the 1976 season. I thought I would include this early in this post because the league logo that is on the helmets and team wallpapers is the new WFL logo. Since this league was called the Association of American Football from 1929 till 1975, then from 1976 until now, I didnt want to add any confusion.

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Playoffs in 1929? That doesn't seem right.

Apparently the New York Pro Football League started using a playoff format in 1919, so I could see there being leagues that use playoffs in 1929.

Yea I tried to do a bunch of research, looking into all the leagues I could find up to 1930 to see if there was a playoff system being used. The New York Pro Football League is one that I found. Not sure if there was any other ones. But since they had been using one prior to 1930, I decided to go along with the format.

Rock Island Independents


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I feel like these concepts are stolen from a certain Darth Brooks thread.

Yep, pretty much.



Well I didn't see that thread so that's my bad. I used the logo for duluth that was from the 1926 team that they used. And in 1926 their colors were blue and white. As for the Rock Island helmet, I do see they are very similar, only difference is I have the helmet stripes coming in at a different angle. I got the idea from their sleeve stripes. But I can most see they resemble each other pretty damn close. I will do an update for the Duluth and Rock Island Helmets.

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