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Silent's Sports Signatures - All Sports Championships & "Where I Come From" (WNBA added!)

Silent Wind of Doom

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One of the primary things I've worked on while a part of this community is sprucing up people's signatures. I greatly got off track, and while I also have other projects that are still hanging in limbo, I've been getting messages for some time requesting I return to my work with signatures. As I had two threads in the past, I've decided to merge everything into one new thread and get a fresh start, fixing the mistakes I've made in the past, so let's open up shop.


Instructions on adding signature images

These are for anyone to use in their signature if they desire. To add them, click the arrow next to your username in the upper right corner and choose "Account Settings".   Click the "Signature" tab on the left and under the text field hit the "Insert other media" button and select "Insert image from URL".  All you need to do is right click the image in my post, select "Copy link address" and paste it in the window that pops up here.   Enjoy! ^_^


All Sports Championship Signature Images

My original signatures thread, this was based on some images I'd seen in someone else's signature. I decided to make my own version with a more simplistic style, and then to offer my services to anyone who was interested. Here's a sample of my work, my own image from my own signature, which consists of the championships of the Yankees, Mets, Dolphins, Jets, Giants, 'Canes, Black Knights, Rangers, Habs, Bulls, Knicks, Nets, and my very own Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball team.


Just tell me what teams you want to be included and what levels of championships you want to be included. Do you want all world championships? Do you also want divisional or league/conference championships? Do you want bowl wins or scoring trophies? And if the team has existed in multiple cities, let me know which cities you want included? Do you want the Braves' entire existence, or just their time in Milwaukee?


Here's a sample of some of the trophies that are available, but I will do anything I can to accommodate everyone. Images of the championship prizes of more obscure leagues are very helpful.




With the change to a new Paint that is a huge step down from the Vista version, I've had trouble working on these and STLgent came in and sort of took over. Unfortunately, he hasn't been around for some time, and I've been getting a lot of requests to resume, so I'm going to do my best to work things out.


"Where I Come From"

I've always been intensely interested and had a great love and appreciation for the different cultures in sports, which, of course, includes the logos and uniforms, leading me to this website.


One of the things I really loved, which was used for one year and then seems to have completely disappeared from memory and the internet is NCAA Football 2011's ad campaign featuring the slogan "Where I Come From". In the commercial, different people described things where they came from, giving little snippets about their sporting culture. At the moment, I've only found videos of the commercials surviving on a french video site and one extremely low quality video on Youtube.

General Version: http://www.jeuxvideo...-1-00028354.htm
SEC Version: http://www.jeuxvideo...-2-00028355.htm
Big 12 Version: (Loud audio warning.)

I'd often thought of doing the same for other sports. Originally, I made a full list of phrases for the MLB, and tried making signature images to go with them, but my early attempts were rather pitiful. I, however, took another crack at it, and the thread became a rather booming affair that I think inadvertently caused the change that currently causes signature images to be automatically shrunk (some people featured upwards of four or five at one time). >_>;


My original versions, especially some of the very first ones I did became a bit of an old shame for me as I consider how much better the quality has grown with my experience. I also rushed to get stuff out, and I remain kind of embarrassed by some phrases I came up with quickly in instances where I couldn't think of anything. So, I decided to take this opportunity to remake everything I've created thus far. Consider it an HD remake. I hope everyone enjoys the new versions. People who already have the original versions can update if they wish, and new people can pick them up if they wish.


I also made a few videos to show off my process for anyone who may be interested.


Each image consists of five separate images: one of the team's home city, one of their home venue, with the teams logo in the center. The other two are different for each sport. If you'd like anything special, make a request. In the future, I wouldn't mind doing the other sports as well. And yes, they're all positive ones. For some, it was tough finding something positive, but I think I've succeeded. You're welcome to link me to images that you want me to use if you have special requests.


Here's links to all of the images I've created thus far:

MLB - Eastern Divisions | Central Divisions | Western Divisions

NFL - Eastern Divisions | Northern Divisions | Southern Divisions | Western Divisions

NBA - Atlantic Division | Central Division | Southeastern Division | Northwestern Division | Pacific Division | Southwestern Division

NHL - Atlantic Division | Metropolitan Division | Central Division | Pacific Division

MLS - Eastern Conference | Western Conference


WNBA - Eastern Conference | Western Conference

NCAA Football - ACC Atlantic Division | ACC Coastal Division | Big Ten Eastern Division | Big Ten Western Division | Big XII | Ivy League | Pac-12 (Part 1, Part 2) | SEC Eastern Division | SEC Western Division | Service Academies and Independents | Mid-American Eastern Division | Mid-American Western Division

IIHF Big Eight

NASCAR Drivers

English Premier League (Part 1, Part 2)

NCAA Basketball - ACC (Part 1 , Part 2) | Big East

PGA Major Tournaments

Thoroughbred Triple Crown

FIFA Men's National Teams - Asian Football Confederation | Confederation of African Football | Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football | Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol | Union of European Football Associations (Part 1, Part 2)



WWF/WWE (Part 1


Enjoy everything, and as long as I don't get banned for my thirty-three-tuple post, let me know if there's any requests you have for me.

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American Football Conference Northern Division:





National Football Conference Northern Division:


Monsters on the Midway Alternate



Frozen Tundra Alternate


I included an the Viking's current home of TCF Bank Stadium, but since they're only there for a year, here's a version of the Vikings sig with concept art of their new home.


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