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Silent's Sports Signatures - All Sports Championships & "Where I Come From" (WNBA added!)

Silent Wind of Doom

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And here's a few National League alternates...


You gotta show Mr. Met some love.



This was originally the actual Cubs sig, but before posting the original thread, I decided to go with something less self-depricating.  I still offer it as an alternate, though.



The original Brewers sig stated that "The Brew Crew is always on tap."  A Brewers fan offered this as an alternate, and so I made it, but when I remade this thread, I thought of the Beer Barrel Polka reference, and I couldn't help myself.  Here's my chance to bring back the slide alternate.  It took me too long.



Another original.  I was upset that I'd forgotten about the Jolly Roger when I posted these originally, and made that the primary when I remade the thread.  I definitely know some prefer to celebrate the Family though.  Again, I didn't expect to take this long to put the alts up.



This was the original Rockies phrase, but I felt it better this time to shift it to the Broncos.  I didn't want to have any copies at first.  Now, as I've kept going, I've realized that it's really nigh impossible to have each be unique in all of sports, so I'll bring back the original.



And, of course, these two go hand-in-hand.  Either could have worked as the primary sig for each team, but I decided to include them together as alternates.



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And now for some NFL alts.  I never got a chance to go back and do this in the first thread, only getting to get into MLB alts.


First and foremost, I haven't felt 100% right with the new Packers sig.  I'd originally used a different phrase, but someone suggested a Lambeau Leap one instead.  In the new thread, I went with one that featured Jordy Nelson...


...but it kind of went against the pattern I was going with for the NFL, using the greatest legend (or one of them), and the fans for the middle two images.  I've decided to replace this one among the main NFL sigs with one featuring LeRoy Butler executing the first ever Lambeau Leap...


...although I also want to include an alternate with the original phrase from the original thread, along with the true face of the franchise's history...



Speaking of which, while I liked the Superbowl Shuffle sig for the Bears, this one was suggested, and I wanted to feature The Coach and his iconic sweater...



And I suppose it's time to update the Rams.  Here's the original, which I admittedly never really felt 100% right about...


...and now here go L.A.'s new old team...



Naturally, with the original thread I featured Fireman Ed in the Jets sig.  However, since then, he had retired from his commission, and thus as much as it pained me I felt it better to leave him out when remaking these.  Now that he's back, it's time to feature him prominently again...



And, finally, as mentioned earlier, I change the Broncos to a mile high reference in the new thread.  Here's a version of the updated sig with the original phrase...


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I am requesting all of the championships and other titles for each of the following teams:

Green Bay Packers

Edmonton Eskimos

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Red Wings

Winnipeg Jets (Original WHA/NHL Franchise)

Hartford Whalers (They only won 1 AVCO Trophy and Adams Division title, right?)

Grand Rapids Griffins

Manitoba Moose (Plus their titles as the IceCaps)

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Could I have a championship signature made? Great work by the way!



New York Giants

New York Mets

New Jersey Devils

New York Metrostars

New York Red Bulls

Penn State Football

Penn State Basketball

Bayern Munich

Jimmie Johnson (48)

Germany Soccer

US Soccer 


Thank you very much!!

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I'd like:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1 Super Bowl Win ('02)

Tampa Bay Lightning 1 Stanley Cup Win and 1 Eastern Conf. Champ ('04 and then '15)

Tampa Bay Rays 1 AL Pennant ('08)

Orlando Magic 2 Eastern Conf. Champs ('95 and '09)

San Antonio Spurs 5 Championships and 1 Western Conf. Champ (the loss) ('99, '03, '05, '07, '14 then '13)

Columbus Crew 1 MLS Cup Championship and 1 runner up ('08 then '15)

Cincinnati Bengals 2 AFC Champs ('81 and '88)

Cincinnati Reds 5 World Series Wins and 4 NL Pennants (the losses) ('19, '40, '75, '76, '90 then, '39, '61, '70, '72) 

Ohio State Buckeyes (Football) 8 National Championships ('42, '54, '57, '61, '68, '70, '02, and '14) and 2 Big Ten Championships ('06 and '07 when we lost the BCS National Championship)

Ohio State Buckeyes (Basketball) 1 National Championship ('60) and 4 losses ('39, '61, '62, '07)

Tennessee Volunteers (Football) 7 National Championships ('38, '40, '50, '51, '56, '67, '98)

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Hi Silent,

I love your work. Can you add a few for me? 

Houston Rockets division titles and NBA titles

Blue Jays division titles and World Series

Kansas State football 2003 and 2012 conference titles

Washington State football 2001 conference titles

Colorado football 2001 conference title

Broncos Super Bowls, maybe an orange banner for the most recent one? 

AC Milan Champions League titles 94, 03, 07

Maple Leafs Stanley Cups

Toronto Argonauts Grey Cups

Thanks so much!

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On 2/26/2016 at 1:48 AM, shuffles_34 said:

Thanks Silent! How do you do it? They come out so well. 

And did you ever consider doing a full-length banners of each of the championship trophy's history (Super Bowl I-50, World Series from 1900-today, etc) because I think they'd look cool.





Eh.  I've just done a lot of small MSPaint pixel stuff.  I've gotten enough experience to know how to make something that may seem like a blob when zoomed in to look right to the naked eye when at 100%


As for the timelines of championships, I actually did post that halfway through the thread, but ulpoading such long images causes the image to become squished beyond understanding.  


My next round of banners will come out soon.

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Really soon, in fact.  I had the idea to eventually do this five or six pages back.  It seemed like fun.  It was a bit tough, but I was able to put it together.  I decided to go with their billed home and the place they had their greatest moment (with a few exceptions)...


World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment











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I haven't looked at this thread in forever Silent! I finally came across it today and it's awesome to see how big this has become. Great Job with all of these! I do; however, have one last request... I promise this is my last one lol. Can I get:

LSU Football and Baseball national championships

Milwaukee Bucks Conference Titles and NBA Finals victory (1971)

Houston Astros Conference Titles

Pittsburgh Steelers Conference Titles and Super Bowl victories

Portland Timbers Conference Titles and MLS Cup victories

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Skinny!  It's been nearly a year since your first sig, and you continue to completely confound me, with everything but LSU changing in and out, even within one request.  I have no idea where your loyalties lie in the world of sports, but here's your latest requests.  XD



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13 hours ago, Silent Wind of Doom said:

Skinny!  It's been nearly a year since your first sig, and you continue to completely confound me, with everything but LSU changing in and out, even within one request.  I have no idea where your loyalties lie in the world of sports, but here's your latest requests.  XD



I honestly have no idea either:wacko: but thank you again Silent! Keep up the amazing work!

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