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Silent's Sports Signatures - All Sports Championships & "Where I Come From" (WNBA added!)

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Hey Silent, can you make a sig of the Nuggets divisional titles (NBA only) and the Clippers divisional titles?


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New Orleans Saints:
NFC South Champions

not going to say anything about the NFC title since we didn't win it "(Word that I can not say on the forms) You Goodell!" we got robbed!

Quick Question: "On NHL Divisional Titles, Does/can Postseason Division (I.E. divisional representative in conference final under 1970s-1992 and 2014-present playoff format) count as well or is it just Regular Season Division Titles?"



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On 6/17/2019 at 9:50 AM, Silent Wind of Doom said:


I tried.   I really did.   But I just can't find most of these trophies.   Do the Sun Belt, Southland, etc Conferences have different trophies for regular season and conference tournament?   I can't find different ones/divisional trophies anywhere.   But I'm on the outside looking in, so I don't know if you can point me in the direction of pictures of these trophies/their NAIA trophy.


This is how far I got:








yo that already looks great, when i’m on campus again i’ll try to find like a trophy case or something and i’ll send u a pic cause i can’t find anything online either lol, thanks for tryin though it’s much appreciated 

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