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Silent's Sports Signatures - All Sports Championships & "Where I Come From" (WNBA added!)

Silent Wind of Doom

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Welcome back, MBurmy. I've still got all your old stuff, so it was just a matter of searching for old Big 10 championship trophies, lopping off the Panthers and Bucks, and putting them in the order you specified:


I know that the image restrictions have changed, but I don't know exactly what the new biggest size possible before shrinkage is. I notice, especially with Cap'n, that if I split things into two parts, and they're not the same size, they can come out two completely different scales on the forum. However, stacking them in one image is smaller than the size limit, so I can put them together so everything stays the same. Here's a redo of his and Alecdom's.



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Hey, I hate to be "that guy", but could you change the Jackets bottom part of the banner to We are the Fifth Line. If you can't, I completely understand.

Hehe, believe me, you ain't the first. You come from a long line of those guys and I have plenty of versions of some to show. If that's what you want, I'm nothing more than accommodating. It probably is about time for me to add some alternates, so I'll include that among them.

EDIT: Phew. It's a good thing I looked the saying up. I almost added that phrase to the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets. XD

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Those are actually pretty good. I'm not sure how much you follow the MAC, so I'm impressed.

Not in the least. XD

It's okay. I've gotten many of these done through research rather than general knowledge. The Zips and Ball State ones were old requests from the original thread. The rest were just based on me looking stuff up. I linked every image that isn't INCREDIBLY obvious (like a clear reference to the team's name) to an explanation of the phrase. With most college teams if I can't for the life of me find any information on a unique part of culture I resort to references to their fight song, as I had to do several times here. That is, of course, except for Notre Dame and Michigan, who reference their fight songs not as a last resort but because of their iconic nature.

Currently working on the Premier League. Hopefully should have it up by tomorrow.

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Is it ok if I have all the Sprint Cup winners at sonoma please for the championship banners

Just to make sure I have it correct, you would like a banner for each driver that won at whatever Sonoma Spring Cup Race existed at the time (Banquet Foods 300, SaveMart 300, etc)? That's doable. Just wanted to make sure I knew what you were specifically asking.

Great work, these are pretty great. I just want to note it probably would be better if you turn off people's signatures in this forum since they clash with the actual ones you are making.

Didn't know that was possible. Anyway, I don't have the issue with confusion, and I enjoy seeing a person respond with thanks with their new sig engaged. It lets me see my progress and that things are not in vain.

I'm sorry I didn't get the EPL up yesterday. I kind of fell asleep early. It'll be soon, though. I'm not sure of a few phrases I've chosen, and decided to comb through songs and chants to see if I can't come up with something better.

EDIT: OOH!!! I almost forgot!

Hey, I hate to be "that guy", but could you change the Jackets bottom part of the banner to We are the Fifth Line. If you can't, I completely understand.

Here ya go, Miller:


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There are only ten images allowed in a single post, and since membership of the Premiership fluctuates, I've decided to start off by just doing ten teams. I've taken the teams that have never been relegated, and filled out the ten with remaining teams that have had the highest number of championships. If anyone would like to see more, just let me know.

Also, since I'm not knowledgeable enough to find a picture representative of each team's home neighborhood and don't want to include a picture of London for each team therein, I'm replacing the home city image with the sign or entry gate at each home pitch.

English Premier League (Part 1):











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Can I have the following Championship Signature

Saskatchewan Roughriders Grey Cups & West Division Championships

Calgary Flames Division Titles, Conference Titles, Presidents Trophy, and Stanley Cup

San Diego Division Titles

Blue Jays Division Pennants, League Pennants and World Series

and if you don't mind adding a junior team

Kelowna Rockets Division Titles, WHL Titles, and Memorial Cups

thanks in advance

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