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NFL Uniform Tweaks - Texans Added 5-13-16

Ice Man

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Philadelphia Eagles:

Count me as in of the people that'd love to see the Eagles return to Kelly Green.

For this set, the Eagles go back to Kelly Green and have metallic silver as secondary color.

Tried to avoid using black at all on these uni's as the jersey numbers are white w/ a metallic silver outline.

Spoilers: I tried out the same mock ups and swapping out the Kelly Green for current Midnight Green and thought it actually looked pretty sharp so here's the same set from above but keeping the current Midnight Green for those like the current green.


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Washington Redskins:

Aside from the whole controversy about the team name; I've never really been a fan of the current primary logo. Just seems severely outdated w/ the realistic looking Native American face.

So for this set; I've kind of made a modernized version of the 60's era uni's and combining colors from different eras.

- Couldn't find a good vector of the original arrow logo on the helmet so this is a "custom put-together from other vectors" logo I mocked up along with the custom primary logo that was put together in a similar fashion.

- Went back to the dark maroon from the 60's era but kept the current athletic yellow gold instead of going back 100% with the mustard-tan color.

Spoilers: Made same set but used the custom primary logo on the helmets this time.



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Washington looks good. But you need to decide on either the spear logo or the shoulder stripes, not both.

Is there a specific reason why there can't be both? Or is it more just your personal preference?

Was basically going for this look:



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Long time lurker here and finally decided to join so I could start posting stuff I work on to get some CC.

This thread will basically just be slight tweaks to current NFL uniforms based off my still pretty novice Illustrator skills.

Uniform template taken from template thread - Thanks to OP who made it

Fonts - Many fonts and just about all the ones used in my mock-ups are from Conrad. Thanks to Conrad.

Disclaimer on this thread so that nobody will be misled: these mock-ups posted will just be slight tweaks to uniforms a la the title of the thread so there won't be any mind-blowing original concepts or original drawn from scratch team logos in these mock-ups.

This is more a cross-over of my vision of how certain teams would look in my "perfect world" along with looking for CC on my Illustrator skills and hopefully get some helpful tips.

As of now, not every team has or will be mocked up as some teams I think are currently pretty dang close to perfect: Packers, Bears, to name a couple.

Some of these mock-ups are ones we've already seen before so I'm giving disclaimer beforehand that I'm not taking credit for coming up with these; and if posted, they've been posted to get feedback on the execution of the design and tips to better it.

I'm going to start posting multiple teams at a time from one division if applicable and will wait for CC and try to answer/explain/reply to any comments afterward.

Let's start off:

NFC West:

Arizona Cardinals:

For me personally, the Cardinals are the poster child for a team needing a new uniform set ASAP. Living in Arizona, I can't stand the sight of these uniforms since they scream mid-2000's Reebok era with the piping disaster.

I'll admit when I was 15-16 years old when these first dropped; I thought they were "kewl" since the previous set was rather bland but this current set has not aged well at all in my opinion.

I've seen lot of Cardinals concepts mocked up taking them back to a very traditional retro look and while I agree that it would be 100x better than the current set; I feel like a team such as the Cardinals (despite being one of the oldest franchises) needs to have a more modern set since they honestly (and no offense to any Cards fans) don't have much "history". I think they got to go to a similar route as the Seahawks in being contemporary and not so much straight retro old school traditional style.

So my mock-ups of the Cardinals is somewhat simple in general but I've given them a monochrome look to wear at home sorta how the Seahawks are and I think it kind of ties in since they've been a tough home team the last year or two since Arians took over and with the whole "Red Sea" nickname they use.

My own CC right off the bat on these: I think the pants stripe design may be too "random" but I was playing around making arcs and didn't want to make every single team have traditional 2 stripe lines. It doesn't match with the traditional striping on the helmet.

Edit: Here's my revised Cardinals w/ Icgreiog03's suggested changes. Took off the helmet stripes and changed the pants side pattern to something that fits better w/ the uniform and team.

Pants side design taken from "feather" parts on the "crown" of the Cardinals head logo.

Latest Edit: Took off the Cardinal head logo off the sleeves and used an Arizona state flag design to replace it.

Also, I did my best to fix the whole perspective angle issues on the front and back view of the sleeves that davidmiller5 pointed out. Not perfect which you will notice if you look a lot closer but I did it to best of my capabilities right now.

I didn't want to use the official state flag colors on these uniforms even though it's been done before in real life.

Just seemed like it'd be forcing it and the dark royal blue from the official flag would clash w/ the Cardinal red and black colors. So to counter this, I did the flag sleeve designs in a tonal color-up that matches the home/road jerseys so it's not so blatant in your face. For the black alt, I did full Cardinals team colored AZ state flag for the color-up.

Have 2 diff versions for each home/road/alt set that I tinkered with. Decided to go with the ones posted below where the home and roads have a tonal color effect to blend in w/ each jersey and then the black alt has a full team colored flag sleeve design.

The thinking for the black alt was that this set in this universe would be worn for marquee games (prime time, playoff/standing implications, rivalry game, etc) and this is where Cards fans would love to show off their Arizona pride even more than they already do.

In the spoilers, I have the flag sleeve designs for the roads that would match the color-up of the flag sleeve design in the home posted above while the black alt's have a blacked out gradient tonal effect.

And I do realize how I chose which black alt to use for my "final" set doesn't match how the home/roads are tonal color gradients on the flag design but like I mentioned above, my thinking was to have the "prime time" black alt have a flag design that's more showy and not as subtle as the home/road.





for the black alts make the shoulder stripes black and dark grey with dark grey/red star and I have no complaints whatsoever

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Seattle Seahawks:

It pains me to admit this about as much as the pain the Seahawks have inflicted on the Niners the last 3 years that I think they have a great color set that actually has a story (even if it is your typical Nike marketing rubbish) that flows and makes sense in relation to the region of Seattle and Washington state.

The uniforms I don't think are perfect but I don't find them horrible like a lot of people do and actually like them better than the last set they had. The Shaun Alexander-era set got stale pretty quick for me so the 2012 re-brand was a welcome sight after giving it some time to let it grow on me.

My tweaks consist of removing the oddly placed gray horizontal graphic stripe across the shoulder/chest area and giving them a more traditional striping on sleeves.

Another small change is switching the gray part in the Seahawk logo to lime green to give it some more pop but in case that ruffles some feathers in here; I've posted in the spoilers; the same mock up with the current color-blocking lol.

I know the Seahawks have made the monochrome look their trademark look over the years but I like how the wolf grey pants go with the navy jersey so in this universe, the Seahawks wear the wolf grey pants with the home navy jerseys.

White pants have been dropped from this set as I've always thought they didn't really go with the uniform and navy-grey-lime colorway.

I've also eliminated the monochrome wolf grey set. I don't mind it personally but doesn't fit in IMO.




Nice work on the Seahawks unis - but there are too many feathers on the pants. There's supposed to be 12 feathers on the sides (for the 12th Man). Also, where's the gray alternate unis?

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Cleveland Browns:

Used the official font Conrad provided for the lettering and numbers.

Didn't really go too crazy on these even though some of recent speculation has the Browns new upcoming uni's being a lot more "modern" than how they did their "new" logos.

Main different (diff from soon to be old uni's) features:

- New font

- outline around numbers

- Sleeve design using the "B" football logo

- A common speculation on the Browns thread few months earlier had gray being added as an accent color so I added gray as part of the striping color block on the sleeves. So for a uniform set being touted and rumored to be a lot more "modern", in this universe, the Browns continue to troll us by simply adding gray as part of the sleeve striping as their way of "going crazy" with their uniforms lol.

I initially tried making the numbers gray w/ the outlines but looking at it from afar, it just didn't really make sense so changed the numbers to white.

Got bored so made the somewhat cliche orange alt jersey. No monochrome options for this set aside from the white road's.


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Nice work on the Seahawks unis - but there are too many feathers on the pants. There's supposed to be 12 feathers on the sides (for the 12th Man). Also, where's the gray alternate unis?

Wow that is an error on my part on the feather striping haha. Good eye! It has been fixed and reposted on the original post.

For the wolf grey set, I explained it in my notes that while I personally don't mind them in real life, I elected to not have them in this universe. Just doesn't really fit in and they've only worn that set once vs Bills in Toronto 2 season ago if I recall correctly?

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This has been a very good series so far.

I especially like the Giants. I think you have about the best resolution to their striping issues that I've seen.

What I like about this series is that the ideas are unique but well-presented and not too out there.

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Seattle Seahawks (Alternate Universe):

Slight detour from this series for a bit.

Mocked these up to grant a request from a friend who wanted to see something in the retro Seahawks colors.

Since these can't really be an alternate retro set or fauxback set due to the one helmet rules (and me trying to stick within that boundary of my fictional perfect NFL uniforms world), I'm posting these separately on their own as a "What If" type deal.

This is where we're going to have use our imagination here. In this scenario, when Nike unveils the Seahawks new uni's in 2012, they launch these going back to the royal-kelly-silver colors along with the updated motifs and elements that are present on real life jersey.

Main elements from real life uni's that are on these:

- Letter and number font

- Feather pattern on collar and pants striping

- Helmet design along with recolored Seahawks logo to match royal-kelly-silver days

For the number lettering, I decided to simplify it and took out the feather pattern that's on the real life uni's and keep it more basic.


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I'm a huge fan of your take on the retro Seahawks look. I'd love to see the NFL get rid of the helmet rule and allow alternates. This set (either of the unis) would be an excellent third set. Absolutely no complaints. Well done!

Thank you!

Yea, that rule sucks. Totally ruined a small but cool deal seeing teams wear throwbacks during the season.

The ironic thing to me (I could be wrong on this) was the whole point of the one helmet rule was for player safety as they were only wanting to be able to outfit and approve one set of helmets for the players but it seems like the last couple seasons I've seen way more helmets flying off players during tackles and game play than any other seasons and all the concussions that have been prevalent (although concussions have likely been happening at same rate for all history but just never been reported lot of the time).

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That hawks uniform is gorgeous!

I'd love to see what you could do with Denver, Tennessee, and Houston if you wouldn't mind! Three looks that really need brought into the present.

Thank you! I really like how these turned out as well aside from it being Seahawks (Niners fan haha).

I do have a Titans tweak that's basically done that will get posted eventually.

What's wrong with Texans in your opinion? Mainly asking so I can possibly get ideas as I also have Texans basically done but if you're not a fan of the current look in general, probably won't like my Texans much lol.

Broncos I haven't touched yet so I'll have to brainstorm on them later but haven't had anything come to mind for them yet.

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Pittsburgh Steelers:

Overall, very minor tweaks to Steelers for this set.

Changing the italicized numbers to something more basic.

Changed the facemasks to gray. Saw someone else make them gray on their concept thread and I liked how it looked so decided to do the same.

The one major change I tried out was incorporating the red and blue colors from the logo onto the jersey sleeve pattern.

A common complaint I've seen on these boards about the Steelers is how the logo has the red and blue but how it's not present anywhere else. It personally doesn't bother me but the idea of the sleeves popped up in my head so decided to try it out for sake of testing something different.

Spoilers: This is more closer to how the Steelers would look like in my "perfect" universe with revised sleeve striping that matches the pants striping.



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