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If you could/had to own a specific player's jersey from each/any team, who would you choose...


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Casual question, & we shouldn't feel like having to think of every big 4, or international or anywhere under the Sun, franchise/national side all at once or whatever...

Select the single player jersey you would choose from any/all franchises.
This doesn't even have to be your fav player from each, simply whose jersey you'd enjoy walkin' around in public/at a game/a bar/etc wearing.

Aim to specify home or road or alt... as if designing the order for yourself.

I'll start with some AL East...


New York






Tampa Bay


The more the merrier... I'll probably just participate myself as time filler, might go divison by division per visit myself.

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My NFL jersey collections is based on my favorite players. They are the following:

  • Patriots - Brady
  • Dolphins - Marino / Zach Thomas
  • Texans - Andre Johnson
  • Browns - Ozzie Newsome / Bernie Kosar
  • Bills - Fletcher
  • Lions - Sanders
  • Colts - Manning
  • Steelers - Polamalu
  • Seahawks - Alexander
  • Packers - Randall Cobb
  • Titans - Eddie George
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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